Epistar led lights?

are epistar led chips reliable/suitable for growing?

I made another post about quantum boards but as i already have an led light would like to avoid spending $350 extra on another (proper light)

You would be much happier spending a few extra dollars for something much better. I have an $150 epistar paperweight. It vegged fine but was totally inadequate to flower. How much do you want to spend? For ~$125 you could build your own HLG135W. Good for 3x3 veg/2x2 flower.

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im wanting to spend no more than $150usd which is $210aud but i dont know how to put them together from scratch and they dont come with australian power cords so i have to get the hlg’s off quickbloomlights and its $359.99aud for the hlg 135w i paid $50 for my 300w :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a business opportunity.


Driver: Meanwell HLG-120W-54A from digikey.au https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/mean-well-usa-inc/HLG-120H-54A/1866-2343-ND/7703899
Order the 288V2 board and heatsink directly from HorticulturalLightingGroup for $85US + shipping to aus
Or order from

Assembly is a piece of cake.

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The quick bloom lights (HLG board) doesn’t come with a heatsink so you are still better off importing from HLG US.

@WickedAle https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/collections/quantum-boards/products/qb288-with-slate-2-heatsink so this board and heatsink?

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Assembly is piece of cake too. I bet there’s a dozen members that could walk you through it