Epilepsy, Treatment with cannabis?

Anyone treating epilepsy with cannabis?

I’m looking for suggestions on dosage, administration techniques, etc.

Have a good friend that’s going through hell right now, doctors can’t get his meds right!

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I know that California dream stain is high in thc and cbd. I have grown it twice and is definitely a night time smoke. But I would think with epilepsy, you would want a sativa strain

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Thanks @HornHead. My friend is taking a pharma drug that he says has a negative interaction with THC.

I call bullshit, but it’s hard, for me even, to tell someone with a disease/issue how to help themself.

His epilepsy causes 10-100 minor seizes a day and depending “Grand” seizures.

Anyone know someone that has used it?

I’ve found the Charlotte’s web story. But they keep harping on high THC low CBD.

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Anyone got any info on epilepsy?


A while back I thought I had read or seen where CBD might help with epilepsy. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

@blackthumbbetty or @Seeddog do either of you know of what may help with epilepsy?


It’s written that CBD will. But I think straight CBD is a shame. Sure, higher concentrations of one active ingredient than the other can be more beneficial, but you need it all.

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Yes CBS does help but I would go with an oil for ur friend or a tincture

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Thanks, killa, do you know anyone with epilepsy using oil?

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No help here but good luck to your friend finding a solution.

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No I was just looking up and they say that oil can help harder to treat epileptic people. I did about 10 different google searches to try to find a treatment for it. Maybe theirs a strain that helps with it hmmm


Have you watched/heard Its famous case of a girl name, Charlotte Figi about her epileptic seizures controlled by cannabis? Her story was aired on CNN’s documentary "Weed". It’s an interesting story. 300 seizures a week (average 1 seizure every 2 hours) to 1seizures a week after cannabidiol.
It’s a length video, but Charlotte’s story at the beginning of the documentary.

Also, This Dr (Ph.D.) - Tedx Talk video shows epilepsy and cannabis.
Check out this Tedx talk. It’s about 25 min video, but about 1/2 way into the video - 12:00 mins into the video, he talks about cannabis.

My thought on any illness, as I always tell my husband who has terminal cancer, it really doesn’t matter if you have a deadly disease like cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, etc, as long as there is something to control the symptoms and you can live a normal life. Sure, we all wants “cure”, but if ‘cure’ isn’t possible, then find something to control the symptoms.

What I know about Epilepsy, Cannabis (CBD Heavy) oil controls seizure, but I don’t think cannabis will cure it (at least, we don’t know if it will cure it or not at the current time). So, if cannabis oil doesn’t cure epilepsy, but it controls seizures, then, taking cannabis oil as a supplement like vitamins.

Basically, our body has CB1 and CB2 receptors and depends on your condition/illness, some require heavy THC while others need heavy CBD. (*** But not the CBD oil from the hemp. It has to be from the marijuana plant, which it has some THC)

As for dosing…
One of my good friend has a epilepsy and he is talking 25 mg CBD/4 mg THC oil twice a day. Oil directly under the tongue. *** He had to work up to this dose. Even for 4mg THC, it will get you really high, so your friend will need to start with lower dose to start unless he is already used to THC.


Sorry no info on it @AAA, just what I’ve heard and seen on tv or internet, very interesting, hope you find a solution


Thank you everybody!

@THCCBD I did read about Charlotte. I will check the links you sent. Thank you very much.


Absolutely, CBD is used to treat epilepsy! Charlotte’s Web was created for a small child with debilitating epilepsy.


Hey @AAA I really hope your friend gets the help he needs. Sending prayers their way.

@AAA … It looks like @THCCBD has you on the right path as CBD helps control the symptoms and can control the intensity and length of a seizure . My daughter is 21 yrs old and has Grand Mal seizures and is currently taking 3 different meds for them and the doctor is still trying to find the right combination after 6 years . She is a smoker so she can tolerate the THC and smokes maybe 3-4 times a day . The CBD oil she will take 6 drops in the morning and 6 in the evening time . You have to have good regulated - tested oil from from a dispensary . Not the cheap hemp stuff . Electrical waves in our brain send signals to receptors in our brain and when they are too strong or too many they short circuit causing a seizure. CBD and THC together in the right combonation help calm those signals down . Cannabidiol is the answer in my opinion but is only given to certain patients that have cluster type seizures that @THCCBD speaks of . Her new neurologist it trying to get approval for her to get cannabidiol but I have my doubts . The meds she takes are so strong it take weeks to change meds because you have to gradually come down off one then on to another . It’s just so frustrating . Side effects are terrible . She is doing well at the moment , its been over a month sense her last one and it was mild and short . Good oil is the answer . You can die from a seizure and strong medications but I don’t think you can die from cannabidiol and it should be available to everyone who has seizures no matter the type of seizure . I makes me sick to my stomach watching her have one . I’m praying for your friend @AAA


Thank you @blackthumbbetty and @Seeddog for sharing your experience :wink: