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Grow bible recommends A/C & dehumidifier - Honeywell, Looked on Amazon, didn’t see please help,

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It depends. If you move enough fresh air through your grow space you may not need anything more than your residence’s AC. A dehumidifier can be helpful during flowering when you want to get the humidity as low as you can, but again, it depends on what your ambient humidity is. If you like in the desert, then chances are you won’t need one. I like in the Midwest. My house AC is sufficient cooling as I move a lot of air through my tents. It can get humid here, but I only run a dehumidifier during flowering.

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Thanks for having me, I’m in the Midwest (Chi), grow tent is in attic, when grow light is on my temperature get up 87 degrees F., my Relative Humidity averages 69% with as 78.1%, any recommendations

You’ll definitely need to get that humidity down for flowering. It’s good for seedlings, but you’ll want it down a bit for veg too. You might want to reconsider where you have your tent. It’s going to get awfully hot in an attic this Summer, even in Chicago.

Be aware that dehumidifiers put out quite a bit of heat too, as do portable air conditioners.

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I agree portable acs actually put out more heat than they cool. I had a vent hose fall out of a window the AC was running wide open and it was 97 in the room.

Attic is my only option, ordering portable A/C and dehumidifier, praying for the best. To much To turnaround Now!

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You may be fine so long as you vent the heat from the portable AC adequately.