Entomologist needed!


Hitting me every year. Tried Thuricide and Permethrin.

Little buggers! Thy are causing entry holes for bug rot.


A lot of that going around, at least with out Cali growers, here are a few threads that might help…




a buddy of mine just had problems and fixed it with this How to kill corn borers in my outdoor marijuana garden?


Spinosad is organic (from a bacteria) and can be used on vegetables almost right up to harvest. It has a very short half life, something like one day, so you have to repeat applications. Stop a week before harvest and you should be fine.

But don’t use it on Colorado or Oregon medical crop you want to sell to dispensaries. They have not approved it yet, though it is commonly used on both organic vegetables and tobacco.

It is a nerve toxin for chewing and sucking insects, but doesn’t hurt beneficial insects. Has some systemic properties so you don’t have to spray it on the actual pests. Montery has a product they sell at big home improvement stores.


Thanks all! Great suggestions. I am using Thuricide and Permethrin. I was wondering if anyone could identify this thing. It must be resistant to these to methods. I will try the Spinosad and the suggestions on the various barriers.


Or you can buy BT at the same places. They actually have to eat it and die because their gut is clogged. It’s also from a bacteria so it’s pretty safe. It is pretty much designed for caterpillars. GMO corn actually has the BT gene inserted so it makes it’s own BT, and we (some of us anyway) eat that all the time.


In one of the other threads I posted here, they have this pic of a cabbage moth catepiller, looks pretty close…