Entire plant turned yellow happened right after transplant PH tests strips show 7.25 to 7.5 on run off

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That ph is wayyy to high… need to flush the soil real good to get the ph down. Also need to check ppms if poss to see how hot the soil is.

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Also run off is not accurate for PH when in soil, do a slurry test.


What soil is that? It doesn’t look very cannabis friendly.
On your first picture half your peat starter pod is above soil.

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Gotta ask if that’s straight up bark mulch.
Seems awfully chunky to me.
Noticed a couple of the pods are above ground too. Should be covered.

Cannabis friendly soil with added aeration would help immensely.
It’s ph’d to the correct range to avoid ph problems such as this. 6.5 - 6.8 for soil.


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If i read correctly you r using Litmus paper for Ph testing, get a good Ph METER like an Aperia ph20. It is very accurate. The paper strips just aren’t.


Thank you

I normally use miracle Gro, but this was cheaper

What is the best pH tester for soil?

Cant say best however the aperia, blue lab are good ones. It one thing you dont go cheep on. Figure starting at 50.00.

Thanks did what you said and they are coming back I might lose one

Some pH strips are accurate if you have the ones that measure in .1 or .2 pH units over a small range but there can be interferences in the medium you are using that make the measurements off.

Field personnel and laboratories use the these daily to screen environmental samples all over the world. It gives a good approximate value

Various test strips are used to test your urine during physicals, drug screenings, and pregnancy tests.

They are much more advanced now than litmus papers from the 1980’s. In my experience they correlate within 0-30% (or with pH - 0.5 ph units) with laboratory results. Laboratories operate with limits of 0-30% accuracy and 10-30% precision depending on the analytical method. Exceptions abound for specific compounds.

To sum up my long winded “I were a Scientist once” speech. If you can’t afford a meter use test strips until you can afford one. Better than no testing at all.


Totally agree with @Autos-only . Weed doesnt eat wood. Maybe earthworm castings.

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Bought this test kit at Lowe’s. Works great cheap. Hold all soil test kit.

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