Entering wk4 of flower, MK starting to have issues

Hello folks!

I’m in week 3, entering week4 of flower. One of my MK Ultras is looking like it’s starting to develop some nutrient issues… but I’m struggling to identify what the problem is.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Are you feeding her anything yet?

Nitrogen deficiency? Just a guess from the above chart

Hey guys. Thanks for the replies. Feeding Advanced Nutrients.

  • Sensi Bloom A/B (32 ml in 8 L)
  • Big Bud (16 ml in 8 L)
  • Bud Candy (16 ml in 8 L)
  • B52 (16 ml in 8 L)
  • Sensizym (16 ml in 8 L)
  • CalMag (8 ml in 8 L)

PH’d to ~ 6.5

I thought nitrogen deficiency at first, but I wasn’t sure because:

  • Usually nitrogen deficiency starts from the bottom and works its way to the top, this is reverse

  • Nitrogen deficiency typically starts in the middle and works out to the edges of the leaves, this is reverse starting at the edges and working its way to the middle

  • Have been feeding all four plants pretty healthy… definitely not skimping on nutes

Given all of this, could it still be nitrogen? Most of my grows have just worked out, especially in flower. Never really had to diagnose nute issues.

Maybe magnesium… :thinking:

Thats odd it looks like a N deficiency have you checks run off ph?

Only problem I have with this chart, especially being a novice, is so many of them have almost no difference in look. Hopefully over time I can see the difference better. I had recently posted this leaf pic, and looking at chart, to me, could be several of those?

A few leaves like that, but the bud sites seem to be thriving.


In flower they don’t need that much nitrogen


Sulphur maybe being caused by lockout ?

Purple stripe stalk ?

All around deficiency or a lockout from bad ph or root rot.