Entering my first flower Cycle

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: death bubba/green crack seed

Age from sprout:3.5 months from sprout

Age from flower:

Vessel pot/res type/size and medium (Soil, Hydroponic, Coco?) Potting mix and 7 gallon fabric pots

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water:water every 3 days when they feel light

PH and TDS of runoff or solution in reservoir? ph runoff is 6.5-6.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. Fox farm Nutes

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Room size:4 by 2

Light system, size, height from plants: 2x mars2hydro 400 watt led 18 inches from plants also one 600 wat phizon

Temps; Day, Night:day 28 night 20

Humidity; Day, Night: day 65 night 55

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:yes

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: yes humidifier

Co2; Yes, No: no

Entering my first flower cycle and wondering if any one had any tips of advice

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I am in my first flower now 46 days since flip. Things that I know to be important are humidity and no light leaks. I did a good precautionary spray with neem oil on plants, pot, floor and walls the night of flip. I don’t want any critters in my buds. I pay closer attention to my ppm, so I can tell when they are getting enough to eat and if I can bump up nutes I do. I use molasses once a week in a watering to help sugar things up, hopefully. I keep air moving underneath and on top of the plants. And if you need to do any defoliating I would do so now and you can clean up around the bottom of the plant as to not use wasted energy on the bottom of the plant where it doesn’t get a lot of light more can go to the top colas. Oh and if you want monster cropped clones you can do that in 3rd week of flower, lol. I am sure there’s more but that’s just what popped in my head.

they must be monsters.!!
they will double or triple in size when u induce flowering, could even quadruple in size,
a 2x4 area is not very big, only one or 2 monsters will fit in that for flower.!

how many plants u got going.?
can u upload some good, ‘white’ light pics.???

This is them a week and a half ago haven’t taken white light pic since I will take more tmr and post they are looking very nice and 2 are huge one is only a month throwing her into the flower cycle also but yet tent will deff be at its max capacity I should not have started the third but hey u learn as you go thank everyone for the help and info


Reason they are 3.5 months from sprout is I pretty much killed them off completely at around month and half down to pretty much twigs and no leaves then they came back so they were big time stunted for bout s month

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Congrats on bringing them back from the brink. They look nice.

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Agree with @Sixpackdad for being on brink of death I’d never have guessed it they look very nice!

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This is how they looked just over a month a half ago not very good but brought them back and learned a lot

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Pics are December 1 when they pretty much died

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Yea nice work! I bet it was pretty stressful heartbreaking to walk into.

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It deff
Was the we’re looking soo good but I was over nutrient and over watering then it all compounded and they almost
Died turned it around and learned a lot but I thought doehire they were goners

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Nice turnaround on those girls. My only tip would be…they are gonna be thirsty very soon. More thirsty than you might think.

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Yes I noticed they are thirsty almost every day and I don’t have room to put them
In bigger pots so I’m
Watering every second day right now and will have to till
The end
Next round I’m going to only do 2 plants in 10 gallon. Pots instead of 3 in 7 Gillian pots

u r ready to cull and flower.!
throw out the small plant and flower the 2 bigger ones.!!

u r a true, dedicated, cannabis, grow trooper, nice turn around from near death.!!

u might wanna transplant into them 10 gal pots u mentioned,
if they need water every 2 days now, they will need watered once or twice a day at their peak.

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