Entering 4th week of flower

sorry I’ve been gone guys life got a little complicated hope everyone is good…so down to the good stuff





Looking good :+1: looks better than mine that are 30 days into flower :-1:

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@perezj17… very impressive, I like :grimacing::leaves:I’m 3 wks into flower, I hope mine start getting fat like yours real soon! What kind of seeds?

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Pretty, pretty girls

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for the past 3 weeks ive been adding more boosters just for weeks 1 thru 6 I’ve also been adding something called matter of all blooms… from what I’ve been reading the more good bacteria for the roots better the yield. whenever possible ask ur local shop what would he recommend and good from there … my girls are all clones i have 4 strains white widow x big bud, strawberry kush , straw diesel, locktyte, blue dreams, gorilla glue.
(hope this helped feel free to ask away)


Was just curious they look so good :blush:

that’s fine what are u using for bloom or to add weight ?


Looking good…I’m a sucker for a big main cola. :heart_eyes: