Enquiry from Australia

In Australia, is it ok to grow for yourself in your own backyard if you are not selling? I mean how serious of a crime is it to grow few plants in your own backyard? if somebody saw my plants and reports it to police do you think the cops will break in even though there was no selling or any other activities?
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I believe it’s kinda like the US and there’s different rules for different states

Google gave me this but I would research it more if it were me

Its decriminalised in Victoria, you can grow 4 plants personal, and carry up to an ounce. If you are caught with more you are fined. Pretty sure if you are caught with a large amount then you may be in trouble

In Australian capital territory you can

Not in Victoria,I live there,still illegal.
In the Australian Capitol Territory you can.

Where abouts in Australia are you if ur in Canberra you can have three plants up to 1meter high but anywhere else in Australia you will get a fine and a little holiday

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Love a good holiday
We are going to Bonnie Doon,We are going to Bonnie Doon…

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Dont think its the holiday ur thinking about not unless you like looking at four walls and a steel door

I was joking…it is a quote from a movie

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Yah i lnow lol if u get caught with one plant u should only get a slap on the wrist and a fine as long as u dont have scales or bags and i wouldnt go any more then two plants and if ur growing ouside you can train them to stay low hell u can train them to grow like a vine along ur fence if u wanted too

Police take it seriously ,I was raided when I was 17 years old by about six police banging on door.
My crime two seedlings in jiffy cups in wardrobe.
Unless you are in Canberra you will be prosecuted if caught.
I would not risk it unless you can keep them away from nosy neighbors.
If you do grow,tell nobody.

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Australias cannabis laws are so behind they just need to allow people to grow it for them selves ,why should all the politicians at the phone down in Canberra with there dope smoking they need to share it around make it legal in all states

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I have criminal conviction for two plants.(seedlings 3 inches high,oh and I copped a beating at station)
I laughed at them and said you are going to charge me for this?
Then they got violent.
Police do not care about scales etc,the more convictions they get makes their record look better.

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Hi Tezza
Decades after my conviction I am growing my own finally,still looking over my shoulder though.
Stupid politicians.
As George says in Seinfeld (smoking episode)
I can’t stop now!

Nice looking lady wat strain is that

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Super Skunk,about five and a half weeks into flower now.

Very nice i have a white widow auto its two weeks into flower

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