Enough light to flower?

hey all. I have 5 clones in a 4x4. Not utilizing the entire space, but 1st indoor grow and just going with what I have. Ultimately I want to get another light to complete the 4x4 area, however, I am wondering if I can get through flower with my mars hydro tsl2000?

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How many watts is that?

@29sgordo29. The ts 3000 will flower a 4x4
The tsl 2000 is for a 2x4.
So not quite enough (bout half what you would.need) to flower the 4x4.
It will carry you through veg but not enough for proper flowering.

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You might be able to get away with a ts600 ( 2 would be better for coverage)

It’s 300W. I know that I will need another light to fill the 4x4, but I’m wondering if I can try to isolate the 5 I have going to the 2x4 area the light covers

I already have the tsl2000. I guess I’m wondering if I can just use half of the 4x4 …but I’m thinking these guys may fill out to more than a 2x4 space

those pics are from this morning. I transplanted and pruned yesterday, seems i avoided any serious shock

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You can (with lst) fill a 2x4 tent with one plant. So it depends on your technic.


Since your running a domed light you should be fine you may have to rotate your middle girls at flower though since they won’t have as much reflection

@Audiofreak is right about that. I think @Arrow has some techniques you could look at. they are not for the faint of heart. :rofl:

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