Enjoying your harvest

Well, I’m only into my second week of curing in jars, really just a week and a half.
I burped jars regularly, shaking them a little and letting them sit open a little bit. I added 55% humidity packs as I noticed things getting a little dryer than I wanted for curing.
Well, the stuff is smelling so good of course I couldn’t help myself.
Here’s the thing, I’m not sure if it’s just my partiality to my own grow, or whether this stuff is actually so much better than the dispensary flower I bought which I got all of my seeds from (11 out of 11 females! Beginners luck I guess).
This stuff has it all, stickiness, scent, taste while smoking but damn, most of all, a kicking buzz.
Your forums and all your posts and reply’s got me through my last 4 weeks of flowering and my drying and curing process. If it gets better than this when it cures longer, I can’t wait! Who would have thought homegrown could be so good!
Thanks everyone for offering up so much good advice! Even though there is so many different techniques everyone uses, you can read everyone’s input and draw your own conclusions.
Great forum.


It’s because you can grow better stuff then the dispensary see why we all grow


And the “good” weed you used to buy was grown in someone’s home