Ends of leaves curling and drooping

Pretty new to this, grown a few times but never really used good soil or any nutrients until now. I cant get the p/h in my soil to go down and i think its causing the tips of the leaves to curl down on some, and others they are drooping. I used aluminum sulfate a week and a half ago and they perked up but are starting again… i made some rookie mistakes theyre all different sizes for the most part. Im using happy frog soil with 6 of the nutrients, one picture is the tips drooping one is the tips curling

How often are you watering and when was youre last watering?

Theyre goin pretty well now… i wasnt watering frequently enough. Theyre in the flowering now and ive uped it to every other day because if i wait longer theyre droopy in the morning… i did have some questions about pruning tho… some say to remove most fan leaves some say not to, i got all the fan leaves off of the stalk and left 2 or 3 on the end of every chute coming out, just on one plant tho. Im gonna prune the others less and see what happens in the end… also whats a good way to lower the p/h in my soil? I used aluminum sulfate once and it seemed to do the trick but the p/h keeps goin back up between 7-8 even tho the plants seem to be doing great… a little light stress or nutrient burn but theyre nice now

Everyone defoliates a bit different so 8ts hard to say how much realistically it takes time of growing to learn how much you can remove id start with the lower 3rd of the plant just completely remove any branches underneath also I remove anything thats not making it to the top it won’t get enough light underneath to do a whole lot so I chop it off I mainly get ride of any old big fan leafs that are blocking tops sites you want that light to penetrate through the plant but youp have to do this a couple times of course every thing you remove will grow back within a week I defoliate rite before flower and up to 3 weeks after they flip anything major after that 3-4th week mark to cause to much stress and send her into to hermie mode lol and as far as soil ph make some ph water at a lower ph 5.8 and and do 2 gallons water to 1 gallon of soil of that lower ph water it will bring down the ph from there just keep doing slury test once a week to make sure its staying in that 5.8 to 6.8 ballpark

New to indoor growing using medium of Coir/Perlite mix with worm castings and organic fertilizer. Is it better to water a little bit more frequently or water to the point of runoff less frequently?

Looks like nitrogen toxicity to me watch if the tips of your leaves take on more of a 90 degree turn downward. And are greener than normal. Prop won’t hurt to just use ph water and no nutes for the next feed and see what happens.