Endoscope Camera Wifi Endoscope Borescope Camera Wifi Box 2.0 Megapixels HD 7mm 6 Leds Waterproof Snake Inspection Camera with Shutter for IOS Android for iPad


I’m looking for something to hook up to my ipad to see my plants better, has anyone ordered and used the endoscope cameras? I Have the little hand held microscopes but I have a hard time holding them still to checking out the progression of the tricombes.


@bob31 has a nice one that I think hooks to his phone. Hopefully the tag will bring him over so he can tell you.


That is correct. I will post the link in a sec! @AnneBonny @Bobbi

I’m told there are better deals to be had on ebay, though i haven’t researched that. This particular model came with full size usb/ mini usb connector, so I’m not sure how it would connect to an ipad?


@bob31 thanks AnneBonny Hi bob, did you have a nice little vacation? I’ll check this out to see if it’ll work on my ipad. I just have a dumb phone.


My ipad was too old and didn’t want to have to bring the laptop that close, so plugging in my android was perfect!

And I did have a little break, it was nice to get away for a couple days. But like always, there’s no place like home! @Bobbi I like the new avatar!


@bob31 I checked out the one you have and ordered it. I can connect it up to my ipad or my fire kindle. I changed my avatar because of strange conversation with speed readers thinking I’m Bobby with a Y, one of the good ole boys. Don’t ask LOL


Hahaha gotcha bro!! (Joking) :palm_tree::grin::+1::v:


Just put this in my cart for Amazon! I have the older one so I figured it’s time for an upgrade!



I’m not a prime Amazon member so mine won’t be here until June 29th-July 4th, can’t wait!