End of grow flush

A interesting topic came up on @Dbpooper journal earlier. Basically the question about doing a final flush before harvest. Most of what I have learned about growing cannabis has been learned on this forum. @Green707Thumb posted a article about this subject that I will link. As far as I can tell the conventional wisdom is that you should flush. Obviously that’s what I have seen on forum but I realize that I’m not following or seeing every experienced grower that post on forum. I’ve only had 3 completed grows, on the first two I didn’t know anything about flushing or much else as far as that is concerned. So I just wanted to hear some opinions of people that have the experience to comment on whether they first flush their plants before harvest and whether they believe that it actually makes a difference.

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I flush every grow. 2 weeks, first week with flawless finish, second week just water. I may drag second week out depending on tricho.es but I been pretty good at timing and haven’t had to for some time.

First week I flawless finish with a little ice bath every other day. Second week just water and ice. Logic is to make plant think its winter.

I have no idea of ice is effective, its just beco.e routine.

Flush is absolutely a must for salt grows in my ooinion.


Thanks for the reply. There’s information like article that was posted and I linked. But I was curious to know what people have experienced here on forum.


I’ve dabbled in stem splitting and dark periods before harvest too. Have no idea if they are effective but its easy and doesn’t take too much ti.me. everyone that smokes my shit raves about it.

Ps, nobody knows I grow it, they think I go to a dispensary in Michigan to get it.


A final two week cleansing makes sense to me. I have one plant that is in this 2 week window.

A very few amber After its last no nutrient watering, and taking its ph & ppm I readings I recognized it had nutrient build up. Gave it another gallon of plain ph water about 30 minutes later. The ph of this runoff was where I wanted it to be and the ppm higher than usual. I interpreted this to mean the excess was washed out. Normally I would run plain water till harvest. However I am changing up a little this time. I am trying a more natural approach to providing some NPK during this period. I am letting a gallon of “tea” steep for a day. The tea is worm castings for P K Ma Ca and small amount of blood meal for N and P. I will use this once today and plain water thereafter. See if this helps maintain its vigor down the stretch rather than having it consume itself to obtain the nutrients it needs. No clue if it will make any difference.
I can not answer the smoking quality question. I can say it smells great when I roll them and she smokes’m.


That’s interesting and makes sense if you are not adding any kind of salt based nutrients or chemicals and the plants are still being fed without eating itself it may very well produce a healthier plant and not have any residue left in soil.

That’s the thought process but who knows. If nothing else, It gave a guy with extra time to play around a little.

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Last few grows I flushed with sledgehammer week and a half when trichs are pretty cloudy and then straight ro water trying to get ppm’s low as possible usually around 200 ppm or less then ice bath them at the end @Bulldognuts

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( Nobody knows I grow it) that’s absolutely the best way to keep it. I do the same :+1:


I demonstrated to @Not2SureYet that I could tell the difference.

My procedure is a little different:

I start water only (R/O) a week or so ahead of forecast harvest. I monitor the runoff until I see it attenuate to, in media, 100 ppm or less. In soil it’s 300 ppm or less. I also perform a bud wash on every harvest: this creates an ‘antiseptic’ surface that foreign material can’t take advantage of (mold, mildew, bacteria, pests) as well as remove environmental crap like hair and skin cells. The cured flower remains fresh longer and is a joy to use.


One plant


Way to stir the pot man (no pun intended)

That’s part of the fun, finding out what works best and hearing some other ideas

Beardless > I also brew tea and they love that sh*t all the way through

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@Myfriendis410 what do you put in your bud wash, and how many times do you swirl or dunk them?

Also, can someone explain the ice part? New to me. :call_me_hand:

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I wanted to thank you, for raising the issue. Like I said on another thread I was skeptical at first. Then I realized that my response was sort of just automatic, without really thinking about it. Hopefully I can learn something here and others as well.

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Thanks for responding @Myfriendis410 Once again I know that I’ve seen you post this before. Apparently my lack of reading retention strikes again. :+1:

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I never really flush in rdwc…
Because I’m not over feeding the plants and I always chop 5 hours into their night time 12/12 schedule…
If I’m only growing one table I’ll try to let them sit in the dark for 72 hours if possible befor the chop… :wink:
When I was growing in soil I would try to flush as much as possible at the last week before the chop without drowning them…
In rdwc I just let the ppm’s drop day after day while adding water…
Not really a flush … :wink::+1:


I don’t “flush” in the accepted sense using coco or Promix but sorta like that just water only to 15% runoff until TDS gets low enough. I completely agree with running moderate salt levels helps greatly.

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Actually that’s what I should originally said, I essentially was trying to see if people go water only for the last week or two.

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Based on what everyone else has said I am going water only the last week or two. I would think you would want to go that route or something similar if you use a lot of notes. Want to get those PPM down. That’s my 37 cents worth…

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damn spell check- nutes

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