End of flower buds tipping & stems getting soft

I’m at day 87 end of flower with this auto. I noticed that the stems are having a hard time holding the buds up. The stems look mostly green but a hint a yellow. They are not as hard as they should be. Anyone have an idea what might be happening?

Humidity & Temperature have been controlled in this grow. No signs of mold this entire grow too. I will admit I have over watered at times but even after of letting the medium dry out the stems are not bouncing back.

Is the plant just at it’s end?


Normal. Congratulations, you have heavy buds.

The 2 issues I see is that the plants are still in Solo cups. Not much room for roots to grow and you may have issues with pH and PPM. The second issue is lighting. Cannabis is a light hungry plant and will not produce dense buds without a lot of light (~200 watts of quality cannabis lighting per plant.)


Yep. If it ain’t falling apart like this:

It ain’t heavy enough :joy:


When I moved the plant the two top buds/stems literally snapped in half (well not snapped but completely bent in half. I don’t have the pics for that. Not as sturdy as it was by only a couple days ago. I went trimmed it today and it’s being dried. The entire plant just seems overall weak in all the stems

Again as mentioned that’s pretty normal.
Considering you grew it in a solo cup what more could you expect?
Bigger thicker plants need a bigger thicker root system.
But this is not easy to grow a plant that nice in a solo cup. I have to say well done and also wonder why you didn’t put it in a larger container?
Fabric grow bags are cheap.

You might find this interesting…


Better tie em up good

Pretty awesome solo cupper by the way


Pretty nice plants for a solo. Well done.



They should have been out of those little cups at half the size. If you intend to continue to grow them put them in a bigger pot the results will astonish you. And I’ll say, as for being in those cups the results are astonishing : )


I think its better to say 30 to 40 watt per sq foot of quality led lighting is better then 200watts per plant. 1 plant scrogged in a 4x4, 200 watt will not be enough, 200watt in a 2x2 with one plant in my opinion is more then needed.


Fair enough