Emergency light problem

Light just quit on me…any ideas what to do? I have a multimeter and familiar with using it just not familiar with grow lights. Light is a marshydro sp250. It briefly flickers lightboard every few seconds and these blue lights are staying on

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Make sure you have in coming voltage to the driver at 120v and depending on the driver it should tell you what the output is you can test that if your getting the output on the driver it’s more then likely the led boards I’m not 100% one these grow lights but know a little bit about electrical


Got 124v going in and nothing coming out. Bad driver?

I’m over half way through flower on two autos. Also a 5week veg photo, and some sprouts in there. I have a red R30 I think its 95watts and some 5000k (probably 5or6) A23 bulbs. Will that pull me through until I get sorted out on the light?

Can you copy a pic of the driver ? Will help a little more you may just be testing with the wrong setting it may be dc output more then likely and not ac like the incoming voltage would be. And honestly I can’t help you to much on if it will get you through as I’m trying to get through my first grow now but the people here are definitely knowledgeable and can lend some assistants. If it is the driver I’m sure you can pick one up depending on what you have to spend

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The 124v going in is good as it ac voltage and not dc so the incoming will vary from 115v all the way to sometimes 130v your good with the incoming voltage

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Yeah sounds like the driver is out if there’s no dc output. Do you have a warranty? If not that driver is around $50

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Honesty not sure if it came with a warranty or not. I’ve tried contacting support several times before cant make no sense out of what those fools say. I dont have any funds available to purchase a new driver

Test the out put voltage with your meter said to DC not AC and see if you get the 48 volts if not it’s your driver that’s took as dump

Exactly what I thought…I got 6.2v dc coming out

Yea your driver is bad you can get one for 56 bucks I know your tight on money but you don’t wanna get this far and miss out on better buds just my 2 cents

Anyone want to donate a blurple or two :rofl::rofl:

Time to see if they stand behind their warranty and see how long it takes to get a new driver from them, let us know how it works out for you. A guy that posted in my journal had his driver quit on his HLG 135 and HLG over-nighted him a replacement driver. Let’s see how Mars Hydro stacks up to HLG when it comes to warranty/service.


We follow strict development guidelines and quality standards and we fully stand behind our products. If you ever do have any issue with your light we will resolve it quickly with our unbeatable customer service. We offer a 3 year extensive warranty on every grow light we sell.Free warranty for lights within 1 year.Buy with confidence,buy Mars Hydro.


I will keep you all updated…I highly doubt they will be as accommodating as HLG. My pops always told me you get what you pay for. This has been an ok light but the customer support service sucks for sure. Hlg is definitely worth the extra $


Your driver will go into protect mode and regulate output voltage if it senses a ground condition. If ground clears it will automatically come out of protection and try to power boards. When voltage goes up it is more likely to find ground. If light is flickering on sporadically, I think its a good possibility this is happening.

Disconnect power and take light somewhere you can do a thorough inspection. Pay extra close attention to connections and anywhere wiring is close to any edges, bends, or contact points.


I was thinking same thing maybe a wire is shorting out somewhere or touching. Metal its not supposed to. Did the light get bumped or something to cause it. Maybe it knocked a soldier connection loose. I would move a wire at a time and see if there is a bad spot if nothing id call the mars service number or something and see about an exchange. And tell them about overnight u have a whole crop depending on it.

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Will be troubleshooting again today. Provided all order info to mars waiting on a solution from them. I hate I bought this light but the hlg260xl was out of stock everywhere and the one place I did find it screwed me around. I needed something fast and this came 2day shipping

The driver is dismounted from the board a ran outside the tent with a small fan blowing on it. I was literally sitting there staring at my girls when it went out nothing abnormal happened

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Sorry to hear this hopefully they fix the problem for u fast. Where di u live at what state

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