Emergency! First ever grow, WW, starting week 5... hermaphrodite. What do I do? :(

I had the hardest time getting any seeds to grow. I was so happy with this plant, and I thought it was doing so well. Did I cause this? I have like 100 ILGM seeds at this point, but after all the failed seeds, sprouts and seedlings, and now a hermie, I am really morose.

This is weeks of work down the drain, but more importantly, it sets me back. I was counting on it. I can’t afford the medicine I need. I was banking on having this. Now it’s going to be at least two months.

What can I do??? Is killing it my only option? Do I need to do it ASAP? I want to go to bed and cry and do it in the morning instead. I have two AK-47 seedlings in there with it.

If thats the only spot on the plant. Gently pluck them off and keep an eye on her. If they are all over the plant. Might be best to toss it

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@Konflict Looks to me like that was the only spot. Maybe I’ll be okay? Someone mentioned I should give it more calmag. I just watered a couple days ago with calmag, and I think it was deficient in calcium at least before that. Should I water again with some more? or would overwatering be even worse?

I suppose I should be saying I’m actually lucky that I caught this… I will be spending hours per day peering sickly through the branches. if i caused it by being rough, I am being even more rough now… just out of panic.

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@Teffygreenthumb Y u delete? I was excited to read it! Maybe thought my plant was younger? I hope it turns out, with some vigilance… I don’t actually know what happens if I get seeds, either. I mean, the weed I smoked back in the early 2000s definitely had seeds in it, amongst many other issues, but we didn’t know any better.

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Oh sorry after I posted I reread your last post and it seemed you already had a good understanding ( I’m super baked) lack of sleep just got a new member of my family and sleep hadn’t been part of the new life haha… sorry about that sometimes I don’t think I explain it the best and didn’t have the patience to edit at the moment haha was just saying if that’s your only source of medicine in the next 6 or so weeks definitely worth keeping the plant and just pulling the pollen sacs and bananas it still won’t be the worst bud most of us have had haha not the end of the world… my first grow I had 3 small plants 1 hermie and it pollinated all my plants even though I spent many hours pulling pollen sacs and bananas out of 3 or 4 ounces I had like 35ish seeds was all and the buds weren’t to bad still Medicated better than a lot of stuff I’ve had… in my experience with a hermie the pollen sacs came in phases I had sacs forming on nodes (like yours above) weeks 3-5 and then about week 7 ish bananas started popping up on the buds and you just have to stay vigilant and be careful not to pop any while your removing them! And remember after this harvest make sure you clean and sterilize your whole grow! Sorry about the delete!

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When a plant gets pollinated it’s slows down in cannabinoid production and focusses on seed production so you may lose potency and yield in fact you will most definitely lose some the more pollination the less actual bud you have to use. A lot of people will say just kill it but I feel that’s only necessary if you have a lot of plants and can’t maintain… it is a lot of work making sure you get as many of them as you can… they can appear very fast

@Teffygreenthumb That’s totally okay! i’m sorry for making a big deal out of it! I was stoned too, and I was like “I need to know what he said!!!”

I think if mine ended up like yours, it would be okay. However, let’s hope I can learn from what happened to you.

I also did a little research, and apparently there are stressed hermies and genetic hermies. The way yours got so many male parts on week 7ish and bananas on the buds… I wonder if that was genetic. Of course this is me just using hopeful thinking. No new male parts yet for me, just that one node (and I think I took some tiny female parts oops…). Hopefully it will stay that way rather than going crazy in week 7 like yours!

Also, I have to wonder if maybe yours was genetic because only one plant did it, and it did it in such an extreme way.

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Mine was for sure genetics I was growing bag seeds and I knew the risks was lucky I only had one! Haha

Most of the time when this has happened to me, it was an easily stressed out girl (genetics) and those pollen sacs would show up where I trimmed or topped the lady. Hopefully you can pluck those off and finish the grow out without anymore showing up

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@Konflict Yeah, maybe those were the only ones! So far so good today, although I keep looking at it every few hours and hunting every single node…

I also got bunch of “smalls” (popcorn nugs, imo) locally at a 30% off anniversary sale. They taste like balls, but they were $10 per gram (good for here–our prices suck) and have extra THC! So now as long as I don’t screw up too terribly, I should be okay until I can actually harvest something! I recommend the “smalls”. Grade B is the Grade for Me, BB!

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Haha you’ll have time to spot thembefore they are mature enough to open up and pollinate.

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@Konflict How about my AK-47 seedlings? Maybe I’m used to WW, but do they look odd? Or maybe I’m paranoid now. One looks kind of roughed up and the other looks damaged or mutated? Poor thing

I’d kill it, you’d waste 8 weeks flowering it for a few grams of mostly nothing. At most you’d have some screwy genetics coming from any viable seeds which wouldn’t give you anything good in the end after trying with those.