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Guys im running 2 Mars hydro fce 6500. Do anybody know a good distance and dimmer setting in veg. My girls are 3 weeks old.

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Straight from the website



Thank u so much for swift response. Now im confused because i just got a manul that comes with the light. And it instructing 18-24 inches in veg. It does not give u percentage of dimmer. I guess its a feel thing. Its not helpful at all. So im going to turn it to 75 at 22 inches and see. I noticed my girl growth has halted over the last 4 days i believe light is the problem.


Sounds like a good plan. I always start out my lights around 3 feet and adjust from there. Just going from what they advertd.

But if you see it in writing, the 22 sounds healthier anyway. And keep in mind your intensity just increased, the vertical growth wont be as ‘wasteful’ if not as abundant. But the foliage amount dhouldnincrease pretty dramatically (assuming your still vegging)

And if you want any more guidance other than the basic template from the manufacturer that @PurpNGold74 so kindly provided…

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Awesome info guys you all are right. I did the whole dli thing par test watched videos. And come to the conclusion that the chart that PurpNGold sent me was spot on. I checked it with dli and par testing. 12 to 18 inches is what im going with. Had to stop being lazy and research thank guys.

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