Emerald's harvest 3 part nutes?


Has anyone here ever used these nutes? They are selling a starter box at my local hydro shop that has the 3 part kit with everything but the root wizard because somehow they cant get it to canada… whole line for 150$ seems like a good deal but was wondering if the line was worth it and how to substitute the root nutes.

Price on these nutes seems good but wondering if i shouldnt just go straight with AN nutes this is going to be for a autopot gravity bottom feeding system.

Thanks for help


I have the 2 part plus calmag and sturdy stalk. So far i am loving the nutrients. Soil grow. I also use Supreme Growers Supre Myco Tea and its loaded with beneficial bacteria and such. As for the price, 150$ doesnt seem too steep. Upon searching it on google, this is what i found. Its 224$ from emerald, and i seen it listed for 382$ at walmart, 150 on ebay, and i also seen it listed for 132 from someone else… if they arent throwing in the root wizard id try to get the price knocked down 25$ or so. But if not, they are worth it imo. Easy to use and plants love it, and at full strength feedings the ppms are low. My water is 450 to start with and by the time all bloom nutes are added it settles around 1250 ppms with mammoth p added. I believe they will work for any media / grow system.



The original price is 230$ I believe (CAD not USD btw) and it is knocked down to 150 because there is no root wizard in there kind of a promo and “im sorry” price loll. I will see if I can get their cal mag and sturdy at my shop and ill look online also! thanks! do you happent to have a journal ?


Well if the price is already discounted id say go for it. And yes i have a grow journal with these nutes look up Back At It Again Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Ill ask the hydro store guy for something to replace the root wizard!or see if i can get it online!