Embarrassed in MA

@Snarky Welcome, I use a space heater in my spare bedroom for temp control and wirks great, temps 65F-75F. Seems like you just need to get the temps up and you will see improvements. We all go through learning curves, thats the best part. Nothing better then growing your own no matter the price within reason. So rewarding from seed to bowl. Would definitely recommend ILGM seeds I’ve had nothing but excellent results. HAPPY GROWING


It is fun! I’ve brewed beer, I’ve fermented wine, I raise chickens and even compost with worms for my gardening…now that growing is legal in MA it’s a fun hobby. I’m just flatly humiliated when I see some of these grows! An ounce of weed lasts me months, so I’ll have plenty regardless.

I suffer from anxiety and would rather not take the benzo’s i’m prescribed, vaping a little weed really helps me sleep. I told my doc I was self-medicating with weed and he was all for it…“hey, if it works, and you’re not smoking it, I’m good with it. Lot’s of my patients are doing it with great results”.


Maybe try hydro next time,I more than doubled my yealds by switching to dwc


@Snarky what was his reason for “as long as your not smoking it”? Glad to hear its helping you.

Because inhaling smoke of any kind is bad for your lungs. And doctors are usually anti smoking in general.

@Snarky auto flowers sound easier but according to people that have done both autos are actually harder. They are definitely temperamental and easy to stunt. And anything that slows them down hurts yield. But thankfully you got your first grow out of the way and I’m betting it’ll be better next time.


Also Ma. Basement grower here :raised_hand:. I have the same issue with temps. During the day my Led keeps the air temp around 77 at night I use a space heater on a temp controller. I run a cooled 600hps for flower in a 3x2x6 cabinet. I take the cool air from the basement pass it through the light and vent the warmer air through a carbon filter back into the basement . Don’t really need the carbon filter since I’m not drawing air from inside the tent but it helps filter any smells that escape into the basement from the cabinet and warms the basement as an added bonus. I also went with some less than good genetics for my first grow (bagseed) ended up with a hermie. Just about to drop some ILGM White Widow fem. won’t mess around with unknown seeds again.

I use a mechanical timer with my exhaust which I have set to run every 15 minutes for 90 seconds instead of running 24/7.

@TommyBahama, nice set up for cold weather! Very intuitive.

Woah, I just noticed this. I don’t recommend doing this unless you are going to put a filter between the two. Forced air heat can be very dirty.

Another thing you can do is add a speed controller to your fan. Slowing it down a little will increase the temperature in your tent.

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This is true. I agree it’s too cold. With a condition. 58° is as low I would go. They will survive but they may not grow as fast compared to being warm.

This is the other concern I have. Can you link this light from amazon? Or screenshot to give us better details? This might also be a factor in your grow. You don’t have enough light I don’t think.


Scrolled from top to ask same question you already did haha.

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How.to make seeds

I believe his opinion was vaping it was simply easier on the lungs than burning it. It’s funny to sit there thinking that coming out to your Dr about using cannabis is gonna be this real stunning reveal and he just kind of chuckles at you.


I don’t believe I’ve read this but are your plants sitting directly on the concrete floor? I’m a basement grower also and I keep my pots an inch or so off the floor. I’ve read that the cold floor will cause slow root production.


@Snarky So true, as the country finially starts to legalize, there is still a stigma about talking about it publicly ( Docs, coworkers etc). I never tried vaping but here good things about it.

honestly, I’m sure you get less “yield” by vaping but I can dose it pretty well with just a pinch in the “bowl” at a time and three-four hits. It’s absolutely smoother than smoking a pipe which burns my lungs.

With it legalized in Ma I am shocked by how many people I know that admit to smoking. I work at a very left leaning company, lots of millenial types and there is a robust growing and smoking community.

My neighbor, a certified dyed-in-the-wool child-of-the-70’s vietnam-vet hippie came over and somehow the topic came up and he lamented that the nearest recreational shop was 2hrs away. He was afraid to get his MMJ card because “then the cops have you in a database” and he admitted to taking…get this…100mg of OXY at a time for pain.
I went in my house, came back and handed him an ounce in the street and he almost fainted “I can’t believe we’re doing this in the middle of the street in broad daylight!..what if someone sees!? I know guys that did months in jail for doing what you just did!” .
“You can sit at the end of your driveway in a lawn chair all day long smoking that shit and there isn’t a cop in the state that will bother you”.

He stopped on the street the other day and said “woah, that shit is stronger than I used to get! damned if I wasn’t stoned, the best I’ve felt without Oxy in a long time”. poor guy is so broken down that his maintenance dose of Oxy would put me in the hospital.


Welcome fellow Masshole!

I, too, grow in a basement in MA. Last winter when we had those super cold temps around Christmas, my basement got down to 47F (I had the furnace go out the day before Christmas… good times).

I use a 1500w oil radiator heater inside my 4x4 tent, which kept the inside of the tent nice relatively warm. Adding heat, thankfully, is one of the least expensive issues we growers face. :slight_smile:

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I love hearing stories like that!! It shows that times are changing. Its too funny about how you gave you neighbor that oz, thst happened to me as well. My uncle came over the house one sat during the summer and was like hey i was just down at the post office and a friend if mine gave me a jar he grew and here try some. He stopped by my house after and gave me a few buds and told me the story. We were outside in the yard and i was like this is so cool but still had this thought of oh shit, but then i was like, finally a plant has become “legal”. Crazy!! Peace on Brother!!Happy Growing!!!

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I too grow in my basement which can be chilly, have you considered using warming mats? They have really been good to me on my second grow.

I average 63-65 @ night 68-70 during the day. I don’t think my plants are small for their age but you can be the judge

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Thanks for the info.
I must say I’m rather amazed by what I’ve discovered. THC does not “ripen” below 60 degrees. My little plants have flowered for about 8 weeks, the pistles have wilted and the trichomes have clouded…but they will NOT turn amber. They are perfectly preserved at 55-57 degrees. I check them every two days, the plants take up water, there is even some continued flowering, but the THC simply will not turn. My plants are 18"-20" high, have a couple ounces each on them which is fine with me, but my autoflowers are over four months old…I’m going to cut them this weekend, I’ve stopped watering. and modify the tent with a little heat for the next grow. also going to insulate the floor prior to next go round…with a layer of foam under the tent, and a layer of foam inside.
I’ll run a 4" forced air heat pipe from my heating system to the tent, when that is off I’ll have a thermostatically controlled oil heater inside.
learning a lot!
thanks so much for reaching out