Embarrassed but PLEASE help if you can

I abandoned my grow journal before everything went to hell, and I shouldn’t have. Maybe you all could have helped me before my plants got this bad. I’m at my wits’ end. I don’t know how to help these girls.

  • What strain: Two White Widow autos from ILGM
  • Age: 10 weeks since sprouting
  • Method: Coco Coir with some Ocean soil on the bottom
  • Vessels: 5 gallon cloth pots
  • PH of Water: I’ve been keeping Ph between 5.8 and 6.5 when watering/feeding
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor, 3 x 3 tent
  • Lights: HLG Quantum Board 260 Watt V2 R-Spec; on for 15 / off for 9; about 16 to 22 inches above the plants; power has been turned down since they started looking crispy
  • Temps; 77-80 degrees
  • Humidity; 50-65 percent
  • Ventilation system: Can-Fan S 4 + Can Lite Carbon Filter 4 inch x 15 inch (I suspect this is not strong enough)
  • De-humidifier is running in the tent
  • Co2; No
  • There is an oscillating intermittent fan running in tent
  • Nutrients: Fox Farm trio. Followed their feeding schedule for Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom for the last six weeks. Switched to just water and molasses this week.

This is my first time growing. I’m on week 10 on my autos. Things were going great till I accidentally switched the fan and the light plugs on the timer and was running the lights 24/7 w/o a fan for 7 hours a night. Oops. The leaves started to yellow. I figured it was heat/light stress. I raised the light as high as it could go. I lowered the intensity of the light.

When that didn’t help, I did a complete flush a week and a half ago. I stopped giving nutrients this week. The leaves are continuing to die all over the plants. I am afraid they are going to absolutely die and I’ll have nothing.

I water and/or feed about every other day. I wait for the top of the pots to dry out before I water. Is there anything I can do to save them?

Hey so sorry to hear about your plants. It is probably heat stress caused the damage, but since your near harvest your still safe. The plants do this anyway near the end , you just accelerated that. You cannot reverse the damage so don’t think that it will green up again! Work on harvesting!

Thank you, @Pizmopete. So just keep with Ph-balanced water and reduced light until it’s time to harvest?

Make sure you water to run off everytime. If not nutes and salt builds up in lower layers of soil. Then when you give it a good water your ppm shoots way way up and the plant burns. What is your ppm running out now. Is it clear or brown?

It doesn’t look like heat issue to me.

Yeah keep it on the harvest mode, flowering is stress related, sometimes you want to stress them. I have done them all ! we all learn from our mistakes! Try hydroponics a lot faster

58 days

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@Painfree, do you think that it could be nute burn then? I do water to run off everytime. When I did the flush a week and a half ago, the ppms started at like 1800 but got down to 700 at the end. I haven’t measured the ppms lately.

I would check and see. Water with just ph water and that should tell you.

This late in flower they will consume themselves. If your ppm are good then feed next watering and keep her going till the end. She’s bulking up now and burning a lot of energy. If it’s not coming from the soil it will get the rest from the leaves.

Thanks, @Painfree. At this stage, what would good ppms be?

1000 -1500 should be good. Measure what goes in and out. If more comes out than you put in then cut back. She ain’t eating it all. If less is coming out than you put in. Feed more.

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I was thinking that because I’m at 10 weeks I should just be giving ph water at this point. How much longer do you think I should feed them until I switch to just water?