Emails I get every week


Cool, me too. Class of '77 Stoned since 1973! hahaha @70sChick


Exactly! Class of 78 :v::seedling:


Class of 71! Guess I’m the "Old Lady " hereIMG_0569


Lol. It’s all good @SmoknGranny :heart::v: I’m sure I still need sum supervision! Baahaaa. …


I am using these as we speak (or similar) but something I have not seen mentioned is whether or not you cut the damn net thingy off before planting :wink:


You don’t have to. But when i used them I did cut the netting away. Hope this helps✌




Please leave the Politics off the board! If we wanted to watch or read about it we would turn on the TV or read about it elsewhere.

We are all here for one thing. To learn about growing our meds.! Please stay on subject!


I agree @muffybunny @SmoknGranny stay on topic


Just us? No sweat! Muffybunny out


My apologies


1all articles sent in the email can be found in the Blog. Happy hunting :slight_smile:


Awh! Day late & dollar short. Just saw this