ElHeffe Needs Help

EDITED: we can’t link directly to the GoFundMe but if you go to the main website and search for “JEFF NEEDS HOUSING HELP” it will pop up. thank you!!

I’ve taken a break from growing so don’t have an active journal to post this on, but I’m hoping a few folks see this and are able to help Jeff out. He is very immediate danger of homelessness. :pray: Can you post it on yours? Or any other forum you’re active on? Let’s help our brother out!

A grower, a Father, a Veteran, a Medical Marijuana practitioner, and one of our conclave members, our brother, is in critical need of our compassionate help.

Many of you know him @elheffe702 - Jeff has been overcome by health, family and financial issues that require funds well beyond his present means -

Jeff has people that are working with him and on his behalf to get the proper medical help and government assistance that can be more permanent solutions, but these take a long time and even thought they are in progress, current housing and basic survival needs require urgent support. This assistance would help Jeff while he continues to work through the various government agencies (Social Security Disabilities, Veterans Administration, and judicial legal systems.

Jeff is a dedicated medical marijuana grower and valued, beloved member of our conclave - For many years he has avoided opioid drugs and has successfully used cannabis for management of his pain as his only medication - Since he was forced out of his home, he has not even been able to grow.

Financial aid through gofundme is the best way to help Jeff at this time - He is very grateful for your kind consideration - Thank you - You can read about Jeffs’ situation in more detail at the link.

Perhaps if you feel so inclined you can share the link on your social media threads - I will be sharing on Facebook (I will take out the marijuana paragraph) IG, and any other platform I can.