Electronically controlled Dab Rig Discussion

Still trying to figure out where posts are supposed to be made here… I’m interested in getting a really good, high-quality dab rig with an Electronically controlled heating element… I’ve smoked bud since my teens, and all of this new tech has language I can’t keep up with… E-Nails, Dab Rigs, Bangers, Terp Balls… wtf is all this stuff??? And, what is absolutely needed?

Here’s the goal… I have a bong already. Many. I don’t need another. I’m looking for recommendations for a dab rig add-on for a water bong, and I’m hoping to make some pressed Rosin after my harvest. Will be making edibles from the leftovers from making Rosin. From what I’m seeing, the Low-Temp Rosin solution seems to be the best, so that’s what I’m saving up for (damn, $1,500!). From there, I’d like to have a rig that I can just turn on, set the temp, and wait. I don’t want to be using a blow torch to heat this up. Also, for cleaning, what do you use? What have you found that works best/worst? Don’t think this is a good idea? so? I’d love to know your thoughts on why, or what you use or recommend.