Electricy bill jump

So how much roughly can one expect their electricity bill to jump to by the month if I’m running hlg300L RSPEC and an ac Infinity 6 in fan

I won’t even figure humidifier/dehumidifier

I understand that it will vary a lot depending on circumstances but did you se a major difference between before grow and after and around how much a month

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Realistically you should be under 100$ / mon.

Mine runs from 200 - 275 give or take.
Heater. 2200 w Hps. 10 in hurricane exh.

Good, as that figures in to overall up front cost as far as my girlfriend is concerned and I’m having a hard time selling this whole idea. I know that in her heart she knows if I’m successful at this it will pay for itself
(No more street weed) but payoff is months away and I have not proven yet that I can even do this

I know I can, but the stakes are high and so am I
And she’s ever the skeptic

Wait 2200 watt? Jesus, how many watt is the hlg300L? I figured 300true watts but then I never asked either

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It really varies depending on where you live. 600 watts of hlg. 2 fan/filters and other stuff plus home ac 6 bedroom under 200 total

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It is 300 true. :joy:
I’m running 2 600 w and a 1000 w hps / mh combo in an 11 x 14 room.


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Right, we are in upstate NY (Buffalo area) and in a 2 bedroom apartment so very different. I’m just hoping that since LED the bill won’t go from 40 bucks a month to, welI I don’t even know what the deal killer would be.

I know it will go up but I just hope it’s not too shocking

For my hlg 260 and ac infinity 6” running half power @ $0.14/ kWh it’s about $20 a month. Well it used to be. It’s free now that I have solar panels.


That’s much more comparable and an extra 20 or 30 I can sell but 100+ added to our existing bill would be kill me in my sleep worthy

Maybe I exaggerate a bit but the Sunshine Express would not be stopping at Wormwood Station

According to my app I use to pay my electric bill I pay about 5-6 bucks a day…granted I use a welder from time to time

What you do behind closed doors is none of my business


Nah your good. Probably won’t really notice

:sweat_smile: I stick metal together

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If you pay $100 a month for that equipment, your electric rates are insane. Figure in running your lights at max 300w although they’ll probably go up to 350w (300w is your peak efficiency), multiply your light hours by your wattage. Multiply that by 30 (average days in a month). Divide that by 1000. Multiply that by your cents per kWh and you’ll have an idea of your cost. My 6” infinity at half power runs at 16w. You can calculate that up as well.


We pay quite small a bill since air is always on, so I’m probably good, but she ain’t thrilled with the expenses of this rather new obsession of mine, so running recon missions for the unknown is just what I have to do and I knew I could count on the community to give me an idea of what to expect

Thanks for the advice and input
You have put my mind at ease, at least on that point


I run a hlg scorpion diable 650 true watts 3x 250xls 240 w each 4x 30uva bars 30 watts each a hlg far red buld 50w about 8 fans for circulation 2 8 inch inlones a 6 inch inline and my bill is about 150 to 200 more a month that not using any of it. I average about 220 to 300 a month depending on ac usage

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You’ll be +/- 400 watt/hr. That’s 4.8 kw/day on 12 hour schedule or 7.2 kw/day on 18 hour schedule. If you pay $.15/kwh is about $1.10 per day, or little over $30 a month.

This doesn’t account for any circulating fans or additional loading on your home a/c unit. But I wouldn’t expect either to make a significant impact unless you are close enough that you get thrown into heavy usage penalties or something. Most that are concerned about energy usage will try to run lights at off peak times that rate is a little lower.


Try to find a way to get her to engage with the plants. In my case, my beloved is quite the craftist. Any time she puts ink to paper beauty comes out. So she created name tags for each of OUR ladies. Also, she collects rocks and gemstones so I looked up a list of some that are good for gardens and asked her to put crystal grid inside my tent…she went better, there is one inside EACH pot.

These alone were enough to get her involved, but also, she began seeing OUR grow, instead of MY grow. This carried over, she was concerned that I would not be gentle enough to do the LST work, I was at it for about 2 seconds before she ordered me out of her way, and TOOK OVER the training and defoileation. What did I do? Upgraded all of the LST gear I now have like 90 various sized 3d printed 90° plant benders, pro plant ties. I could tell by your post that, above all else, she MUST be satisfied in the end. Make it a point to include her as much as you can. Its awesome when your partner, partners with you. They go from plants to babies we talk to and wish good night. I have a Mars Hydro fc 3000 light and two ac infity t4 fans running last grow and I barely paid an extra dollar a day on my electric. Didn’t even notice the change on my bill.