Electrician can I ask or no?

Not trying to skirt rules to have an outside link. Can I ask for recommendations for a 420 friendly electrician in the 48809 on here or not? If no someone please delete. Thank you kindly.

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Your in a friendly state. Just call a sparky. As a old card carrying electrician 99.999999999999% of them wont give a damn about a grow.


Are u ibew blast? Ive been a 86er for many years in ny.

No, just a simple journeyman, open shop and just keep it current. Along with my mechanical and stupid refer card BS. May cut it all up next year and send it back to the morons in OKC. And tell them to , well you know. A lot of the code stuff has gone completely and totally off the rails. It’s just got stupid as hell now days. I’m retired now and will never go back to work. I hung on a few years longer than I wanted to hoping some young men and women would like to learn and step up. Don’t think there is any hope left for the trades and craft.


488 is Michigan I think. Home grows are legal there, correct? Any electrician really. Ask around, you know somebody that knows an electrician who does side work.

There is not. I was a master butcher 35 years. At the end i couldnt get any apprentice to pick up true butchering. Only if it came already a subprimal in a box could they work it. Bezos bought my company and that was it for me.


Seen it first hand. Did try to cut meat once. There are few out there that can cut a cow from scratch.

@Blastfact My daughter really wants to go into the trades. Hates her office job. Do you have any ideas besides taking out a loan for an 18 month program for a certificate? Does anyone offer apprenticeships any more with a fair wage while they learn?

Every trade and craft out there is begging for people. I know nothing of this fair wage stuff now days they didn’t pay worth a crap when I started be it a union or open shop. I was raised in a mechanical engineering family with inventors, tool and die, production and manufacturing. I do not have and can not learn the extreme math needed to succeed in that realm of craft. While I could have made it through life on my grandfathers, great uncles, fathers, uncles and other friends and family members names I cut my own path and got my first trade card as a union journeyman carpenter. Moved on and got my journeyman electrician and mechanical cards in open shops. And ended up being promoted by my peers, not boss men as a millwright. Every union and open shop I know of has a apprenticeship program. And as bad as they need people and as hard has the trades are esp. in the beginning. The trades and crafts are still protective of there programs. In the last 20 years they have bent over backwards to make it easier on apprentice. But very few turn out and make a good hand. In many ways it’s like joining a branch of the military and you never completely get out of boot camp… lololol it’s hard. Candy ass’s need not apply. On the up side seeing women come into the trades has been fantastic! Some of the best hands I’ve worked with in the last 20 years were in fact women. We recently lost a pipe fitter named Patricia. She was a hell of a gal. Worked her ass off and earned the respect of her peers and became a great ramrod/lead. When she put her steel toes, hardhat and firehose weaves on it was time to rock boys. It was a blessing that I got to work with her at times. She made me a better hand. Good Luck to your daughter…


Thx @Blastfact I will pass on your information. I see the remote office job sucking the energy out of her.

She was happiest when she ran a forklift for a distribution center or helping her BIL on car repairs.

The trades right now in the construction world is the best ive ever seen. Good time to get in!

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Every union shop opens up their books every so often. People retire and new people get hired. Tell her to look up what trade she’s intrested in and join thier facebook page or go on their website. The way i joined both times was when they opened up their books. I tested and got called to join the apprenticeship. Once for local 1 NYC and just recently ibew in my state .
They open the books once a year sometime a bit longer. They usually announce it to the public. I recently got called for ibew international brotherhood of electrician workers.That test was hard well the math was !! The way they pick apprenticeses is a lottery. And i was one of the lucky ones that got called!! I’ll know soon if i passed the test. If not i get to retest after 6 mths.

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If you are in a union friendly state contact one that interests you.they can tell you the process to get in.
I started at 18 yrs old and retired at 50 yrs old in the steamfitters 13.there were three choices when I got in,plumber ,steam fitter,or control fitter.if I had to do it over ,control fitter would be my choice.usually not affected by a strike(rare ).usually provided a truck/van.And lastly the easiest on the body.

86’er here as well

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Oh boy…small world. Work at billitier for last 12 years

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Too funny, I’m going on 25 there. Based on your grow I need some help.

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Well then one time or another we worked together! Ran some work for a while trying to get away from that. What help you need brother?

I’ve been in the office for the last 8 years, before I was a dark side foreman since ‘99. Ok, Enough work talk.

Grew autos last winter and came out great. This summer I tried photos and it’s been a struggle. Had (2) in my tent and one started to hermie so I moved it outside the other day (only 2 weeks into flowering and wil probably die) now the other may be doing the same. Waste of 10 weeks if so


Sounds like you had a light leak or a stress factor in the tent. If you got surge protection strips in the tent, you need to tape up the light on the button. Have you checked for light leaks?