Electric Sky 180 vs SF2000 VS other lights

Both Consume almost the same power and i believe both say they are for a 2x4 foot area roughly. I would like to have probably maybe 2 or 3 plants in that 2x4 tent. Has anybody used the Electric Sky I know its the pricier one and I’m wondering if its worth the extra Mula$$ . I’m not trying to be cheap but I’m trying to be super efficient!!


What light would you guys choose and why please let me know? if yall have other light options in this wattage range or maybe 200watts are too low what do yall think?! Gracias and Thnx!!

With highly efficient lights you can get by with about 35w per square foot requiring a minimum of 280w for a 2x4 tent. The ones you chose are a little under powered.

A killer light for a 2x4 tent would be an HLG 350r. It sells for $550 but if you order it directly from HLG with discount code “dude” you save 10%.

HLG is an American company with great customer service. They ship within 24 hours.


I second the hlg lights. They rock. I see alot of electric sky loghts on marketplace for sale. Must not be anything good as ppl r trying to sell and cant lol. Hlg 260 xl will.work for a wx4 will.be sloghtly under power but will work for it. Their specs say it covers a 2x4 flower or 3x3 flower. I have 2x 260xls in my spare bathroom and they seem to be super good in there. Stick with a giod name brand light and ull be happy in the end u did. I didnt listen for a long time and have a closet full of lights not being used lol. Like 15 in total not being used 10 blurples 3 qb kits and a mh.wing


About the only category electric sky would be superior to hlg lights is maybe fit and finish. It’s also heavier. If you’re looking for most efficient you’ll want to look at hlg or chilled tech, both have 2x4 solutions.

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