Electric rates are very high

A question from a fellow grower:

I would like to cultivate Indoor Cannabis, because the weather in my country is not good (cloudy sky) almost all year. The problem using indoor method is the electric rates , very expensive in my country; 600 watts by each square meter is $ 500 dollars in electric spend ( two pounds of Cannabis, very bad business). Is there some way, in order to spend a lot less electricity? . To obtain , at least, 10 pounds of Cannabis for only 600 watts, for example.

Not indoors but if you figure it out let me know would be the find of the century :wink:


what youre asking is just not possible.

I would be happy to get 1.5 grams per watt (600w = two pounds) but
yea 500 for electricity is really high. I also run a 600w HPS for flower
and 500w of LED for veg and my total is 130.00 for full 4 month grow,
and even at that cost I am looking for ways to reduce.

If Elec. Cost is set with nothing you can do then the only way around it
would be to Maximize the Canopy and use as much of that 600w as you

Some say LED’s are cheaper but once you have the same number of
watt usage (600w HID to 600w LED) the cost is the same. Side advantage
is less heat which can reduce the use of fans, coolers and save some cost

Right now I am starting a Scrog, only one plant for now to figure
out how much pot and space is needed and to dial in some specifics.
I hope to have room for at least 2 plants under 600w with Scrog.

My Maximum Canopy size is 6 Sq Feet - screen size 3’3" x 2’1".
And to tell you the truth I will be excited to get 2 lbs.

Next would be to add DWC down the line after I get the Max Canopy
dialed in.

So I guess what I am saying is At your elec. rate you are going to have to
Maximize your Canopy and grow as fast as you can,


Just occurred to me have you looked into Solar Power

OOPs just noticed the always cloudy Sky so maybe not
a good idea

Not sure if it is achievable with the restrictions you have. If my math is right: @ $15/gram x28.35 grams/oz x 16 oz/lb the return would be $6,804/lb. At $20/gram it is $9,000. A healthy return for $500 investment. Getting 10lbs out of 600 watts is unlikely. Your electric situation is what it is, not much you can do to change it. Best Idea is make sure you have the best reflective material you can afford and get good nutes to make your plants grow best. There has been a lot of discussion on Nutes in the forum lately.

I grow because I cannot afford to pay for my weed @ $20/gram or even $15. If I could get a grow to give me 2 lbs I would be in HEAVEN. That is a LOT of weed and would last me for a good long while.

I wish you luck in your grow.


Wow at 15 or 20 a gram damn, I pay 5-7/gram at the dispensary.

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You can get 5.00 a gram you get 20.00 a gram, it’s all related to the quality of the bud. And yes there is a big difference. And this is why we grow and learn to grow the best we can.


big difference indeed. had to pay for some yesterday, $8/gram and its mediocre at best.
purple mango kush is supposed to taste, unusual…but this taste like chemicals. and its dry as shit.

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I get Black Domina for $7/gram. Slept in for work next morning after hitting before bed. I use it to sleep and holy shit did I sleep. I only smoke it when I don’t have to get up the day. Hawaiian Snow is $6/gram.

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I would kill for those prices here lol.

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