Electric bills?

If I’m running a HLG550-v2-r-spec in a 4 x 4 grow tent with a carbon filter and all the other stuff, what will it cost every month on my electric bill?

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How much will the gas cost me to drive from here to the capital?

Many factors to consider easy solution :wink:



Your will consume about 500 watts per hour, that is 9kwh per day on 18 hour schedule. You would need to find power consumption of other equipment used and your rate to calculate appropriately.


@dbrn32 , @outdooring, @iwannabeamainegrower satellite is the way, you can buy a portable rollout panel with a transfer battery :battery: pack to store enough power separately from grid or to grid from satellite power .

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Reminds me of GoldenEye… Just hope the satelite never overcharges😉


Electric generating mouse wheels. Free. Dont let em stop running though.

But how much food would the mice consume ?

And is it best for them to be on a gluten free diet ?


Think he means solar panels


Just exchange satelite with solar and everything makes sense

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It almost makes sense. Solar array and battery system to run grow that size off grid is pretty extensive. Not going to happen with portable panels and battery. Could maybe do pc box grow like that.


Lol It’s like $3000 a month and that’s just the light alone unless I’m doing something wrong with the calculator. Looks like I’ll be trying to grow outdoors. Thanks for the link.

Theres no way its 3000$ a month ! Most enegy companies charges in kilo watt hours which means hours of 1000 wats, I think you put the decimal point a bit too far to the right hahaha. Personally i have a 30w fan on all the time, a 75w extractor which i dont even jse most of the time and a 120w light and I calculated that it would run me bacl around 15-25 euros a month. I know i probably have a much smaller setup than you but theres no way you consume 3000 dollars of electricity, just no way.


I knew there was Another one

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Lol I don’t know how to calculate this, but I’m sure a mistake was made when I was entering the info into the calculator and I have no set up yet.
I’m trying to get a feel for how much this is all going to cost. So I think on the electricity thing what I figured out is a 600 watt light divided by 1000 watts gives me 0.6 kWh so @ 18 hrs a day would give me 10.8 kWh hrs or at least something like that.

Yep. I have 25 panels and I can run everything in my house plus two grow rooms and still send power back to the grid that the power company buys from me.


@BobbyDigital Wow that’s pretty sick.


@outdooring Thanks for that. I got a total of $145 for 90 days light cost only.

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massive jealousy

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On grid though too, right? So not sized to have to run your home through multiple days of low resource.

That and battery cost is big difference in layout from on grid to off grid.


That is assuming 18 hour schedule? No need to veg that long. Works out be little over $1/day for me to run light that size.