Einstein to Frankenstein Grow Hacks


High Everyone,
I want to see the best ingenious hacks that you guys have come up with that has proven itself effective. @Donaldj @Dieselgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @MattyBear @Covertgrower @garrigan65 @Willd maybe you can tag others that you guys know.
I will start it off.
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I call it the ‘Crib’.
It is made out of 4’ Drain Pipe PVC (thinnest walled PVC pipe available), measures 5.5ft x 2.5ft, uses a 15gal res and is a continuous flow resurculating system.
It holds 42 seedlings and I can germinate the seeds in rockwool while already in the netting basket, already in the Crib system. This drastically cuts down on transfer stresses bc you only have to move 1 time to the big system for 12/12 flowering. Avoiding having to touch the seed after germination, trying to get it into the rockwool hole and covered without breaking off the Cotyledon,
Now that I’m cloning everything, 42 plant clones can be put in the Crib and within 3 weeks of vegging, can be put in the big system for 12/12 flowering. This technique will allow me to harvest 42 plants, roughly 4.5 pounds, every 60 days.

For all you McGyver growers like me, please only post once every few days or so, so everyone will be able to see it and hold a discussion before moving on to the next one.
Well thanks for being part of my post and I very much look forward to seeing all the Nifty hacks


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Looks awesome my friend. Thanks for the tag


Looks like a good set-up. Gonna drop in to follow you. Jerry


Set to watching
Love this thread already can see the wave of ingenuity coming.
Does the system have any fall or is it level?
One pump or more?
Sorry I’m hydro-literate
Do you have to run a chiller?


Looks nice, great work!


Thaks. It does slightly slope downward, but not much.
Im using one pump, out of the res and dumps back into the same res.
I have never used a chiller but my res temp stays around 66-68 degrees. I think I’m going to get a chiller and a Co2 burn for the next batch. I havent seen any negatives from not using either of those but hey, I might just be ignorant to what I’ve been missing.


No, 66-68 is perfect for hydro, from my research
Cool man very cool.


You definitely have my attention!


360° view of my grow room #1.
The next batch in this room will be doubled.


Good looking setup. If I ever have the space I would love to have something similar


I posted this in the wrong place. Sorry guys.


Amazing :heart_eyes:… I definitely want to see more of this :+1::wink:


@Dieselgrower you can do a setup in a 4’x8’ space. The size of a piece of plywood.


One day I’ll have tbe space to give that setup the best possible conditions and I don’t have that yet. Haha


Thank you @M4ur.



Very impressive setup. A man with a mission !!
Please tag me I wound like very much to follow your grow.



Agreed very nice setup looks awesome :sunglasses: hats :tophat: off


Thanks @garrigan65 and @Hogmaster


Love it I built a whole shed 16’x10’ with r-24 walls r-36 ceiling and r-5 floors

I could be on this thread hours with posting pictures of things I built on that thread lmao :wink: