Eight Strains, One Tent: Attempt #2


Sooo… after a semi-successful attempt at my first grow, I’ve hopefully learned a lot and will be able to get these ladies through in better health and with more weight!

I started them in rockwool cubes. The dome has two 600W CFL bulbs. These ladies will be moved to my fill drain system in the tent once the roots start coming through the bottom of the cubes.

The Pure Indica has no cotyledon leaves. I think the root grew up instead of the head? I’m really confused by this one!


I’m on board brother @3high5you


i’m in…lol
looking good so far @3high5you


@3high5you everything looks great so far, the one that you’re concerned about, does appear upside down… one of my GSC did that and it passed away… I dont know if you can remove it from the rockwool safely to possibly flip rightside up or not… but I share my concern. I’m on board to watch this grow!


I will try to pull it out and flip it. Thank you very much for the confirmation!


Sadly I tried that with an SSH seed that did the same thing and failed. :frowning: From now in I am germinating in a paper towel first!


I really only need six good plants. Even if two fail, I’ll still be happy! I flipped the Pure Indica and it looked healthy. I guess we’ll see what happens, but that is the one I have been trying the hardest to grow, so I’ll be crushed if it doesn’t make it!


I do have to say that I’m very disappointed in the OG Kush and Strawberry Kush. I had problems starting these two strains last round as well. I’m thinking I got old/bad packs of seeds. I still have one of each left, so I’ll try again and see what happens.


@3high5you i was wanting to try some strawberry kush! i may rethink that decision…lol


I’ve never liked the paper towel method. Among other problems, you can’t tell if you have a good seed or not. I start any seed in a tiny container of distilled water. If you put a seed in water and it immediately starts to sink, you’ve got a seed that has gotten wet and it’s not viable.


@Loneviking Well, I put my seed in half and half mix of water and .5% or maybe its .2% hydregen peroxide, anyway, half and half in the glass and drop them in. I leave em till they looks like they are going to pop or do some legs but no more than 24 to 36 hours, then move those to a paper towel soaked in the same percentage of water and peroxide and let them go til they have decent length. Then I put them in grow pots. Doing it that way works for me and i have had good luck with my seeds. With the peroxide in both glass and paper towel it provides oxygen for the seeds so they dont drown.

Had to change some things due to brain fart.


I replaced both seeds and the Strawberry Kush did finally pop last night. The OG Kush still hasn’t come through, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I used ph balanced water with quarter strength cal mag and full strength H2O2 in the humidity done with the rockwool blocks.


@3high5you The OG Kush seems to be a hard plant to grow. I have had people say that off and on here and the 2 I have growing I have had some diffifulties with. I hope they make it but keeping my fingers crossed. I started the two seeds and they both popped no problems and have grown. But had problems as I said as they have grown. Mine are at the end of week 2 of veg.


I had some trouble getting the og kush to sprout as well so far ive lost two. One to mold it just wasn’t healthy after it sprouted and one just didn’t sprout at all. I’m on my third og and its now flowering I have one seed left. All of my strawberry kush sprouted right away though and one is also flowering after 3weeks of veg. This plant has grown a lot of height after switching to flower so heads up on that It out grew the og kush and it was planted after the og. I switched them to flower at the same time they are in the same hydro bucket. Here is some information on these strains that was helpful to me.


I guess the Strawberry Kush did pop for me last time, but it quickly died. That could have been my fault. So two of the three seeds at least tried to grow.

So far zero of the three OG Kush seeds have popped for me.


Damn that’s to bad they failed to sprout. I’ve never used rock wool although i do have some sitting around. I heard you have to soak the cube in the correct ph’d water before planting? Not sure if that true. I start mine in grow sponges and rapid rooters. Usually have a successful turn out though. I wonder if this last seed will sprout once it’s time to plant it. But best of luck to you :+1:


Everything else I’ve attempted to sprout shot right up with no worries! I am pretty sure it is not my technique which is to blame here.


i thought i smelled somthing!


@BIGE oh yea, hope you got a BIG whiff…:laughing:


I am going to try doing the entire veg cycle for this grow on a 6/2 light cycle rather than the standard 18/6 cycle. After some research, I believe this may solve a lot of the problems we all face.