Ehh are these hermies?

hermi2 hermie1 hermie3 hermie4 Hi. Can anyone tell me if these are hermies? And if so should I yank this whole plant as it’s right next to a flowering fem. sorry it’s a super newb question but these don’t look like their ww counterparts, also can anyone tell me why my leaves have this purple ish colour to them, theyre the only plant with purple in the leaves and all plants are on same feeding and light schedule

if they are hermies, any use for them? or just a write off?

i appreciate all your help

Color isn’t a telltale sign. That is normally just cooler air or genetics.

Hermie? Im not so sure. I didnt see any nanners or sacs… but not a great angle.

They DO however look pollenated. Outdoors, u cant stop that monster. Pollen in wind can go miles* (theoretically). And any nuthouse growing without proper knowledge can WRECK every outdoor grow within 3 miles with a single male.

No they aren’t useless. Potency slows greatly after pollination. But the weed is still smokeable. With good enough genetics and late enough along (looks like u maybe) then its not as bad. Grow em on out. Ull have a few seeds. Grow em with close eyes or toss em. Ur call but dont smoke’m.

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damn, sounds risky to leave them then as theres about ten other beautiful healthy flowering plants in the same area

If she’s the only one with calyx (single bud) that swollen? Yea u could isolate or chop n smoke her now. No fuss there neither.

If you are outdoor? Removing it may not be the pollenating factor. BUT it may… so kinda tough call.

Are ur other flowering plants pistils flipping to amber very rapidly?

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theres quite a few that swollen, i can go down and take some more photos if it helps asses, its next to one auto that seems to be flowering at a normal place and the rest are photos where the pistils are still white (about week 3 of flowering)

so just to be clear, this is still smokeable?, should i open the calyx with tweezers and try and get the seeds out? thank you so much for taking the time to help assess this as i really dont wanna fuck up my other plants

also these were meant to be guaranteed fem seeds, if that helps

No problem man! Thats what this site is about. Random growers helping random growers… we all wanna see buds in jars in totes in peoples attics :joy:

Pulling the seed out wont do anything but ruin buds. No point there. If she hermie’d. It happened a while ago by the size of those seeds. I wouldnt overworry at all. Plus its November. U should be nearing the end of season (if outdoor)

Are u outside? Very important.

Take ur time and inspect the questionable one inch by inch. Look for lime green growth on buds. Small yellowish things. And right under colas. Check for pollen sacs. I do not think she hermied. If so, i dont think chopping her now will amount to much change. Except u got smokable weed alot sooner then expectd at the start


yes im outdoot mate, in australia

i tried getting some more pics, the first pic is the plant next to it, same strain. clearly looking very different. ww1 h8 h7 h6 hermi2

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wow these really format horribly lol

Haha yea. The site needs a digital renovation. Gets the job done tho.

That first pic is gorgeous. That pheno better have been cloned! Beautiful.

They are all churning on along tho. When did you see pistils again? Like crowning flowering started pistils?

first one is a white widow auto, so didnt clone as was told not to clone autos, i started noticing them flowering on oct 21st at 5 weeks old, so allegedly has 7 weeks to go? but seems to be churning along real quick for an auto

so they havent yet been affected by its pollinating neighbour

Started oct 21.
In flower nov 4
That gorgeous start of week 2?

Id wager u missed a week or 3 somewhere. But either way looking good.

Ur in oz. so seasons are opposite and ur going into summer eh? Lucky they are autos. Or they’d start revegging instantly. Also you’re right. Cloning autos is normally a waste… normally.

they started flowering oct 21, they were planted sep 21 LOL so started flowering at 4-5 weeks somewhere in there

ok so just to be clear, you dont believe they have hermied but you do believe they have pollinated

I can chop them now and smoke them?
if i leave them, whats the chances it pollinates all the other plants in the area?

and again, thank you so much im learning heaps

A pollenated plant cannot pollinate other plants. Not how it works. A hermie can.

Females are only pollenated by males. After they are, they focus a good amount of energy into producing seeds instead of potency. They cannot pollenate another female. But whatever errant male out there that got ur original can. U cant help that.

All that said. A hermie can and will cause problems. Bad problems. Useless seeds everywhere. Cuz hermie traits begat hermie traits.

You can chop her and dry now if you please. I cant say id blame you for doing so. Just id give her a good looking over before doing so. I wish i had some good personal pics on hand but i dont. Just google it. Anything weird sticking out a bud is a nono


i think i see what you mean from google images, almost a long white stem thingy poking out from the bud would indicate a hermie?

ok, im gonna leave them for now and keep a very close eye, they dont have long left at any rate so will monitor daily

ive zoomed the photos a bit for a closer look, i dont see anything weird coming out of the buds
ive also just went and checked my dates, i messed up sorry, these are almost 10 weeks old so should be done in 2 weeks anyways so ill leave em and see how i go

thanks so much for your time man, i really appreciate it

Anytime. If you have more questions feel free to drop tags. Like @Sherlockhomie. I tend to disappear from time to time but if u see good growers… bother them. Trust me. Its not a bother :joy:.

10 weeks from flip is closer to the pics. Id keep pushin em and invest in a loupe.


youre awesome, thank you