Egzoset's new member introduction


As a person living in Québec i can’t pretend to ignore the provincial ban of Lucie Charlebois on home self-cultivation and that’s some major source of frustration considering this now translates into further effective vilification (e.g. the opposite of what is often refered to as “Harm Reduction”); not to mention the “war on drugs” was endorsed by Trudeau last mid-September (1, 2, 3), which actually occured even before the Cannabis Act of October 17 (2018), all without mass-media ever echoing any hints of it! So, in terms of vilification Québekers still ain’t having reasonable access to true “bio” while nobody with a public voice appears to have noticed - or maybe i yet got to find additional information that’s not showing up on Google’s radar somehow.

M’well at least there’s something else for me to share as a testimony, it’s about a consumption method aiming for “The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation”, trying to target a gift of mother nature which no industry can rival with: the trichome glands themselves!


Which is why it needs to be “bio” quality and preserved from industrial processing that implies multiple vilification vectors, “Tumbled Weed” for starters, but not only (…):


The thing is my window of opportunity passed long ago and there’s no going back, yet i do have a contribution to make that remains a focus point these days so that’s why i’ve subscribed to one more cannabis-related forum. My present hobby triggered multiple negative reactions but i feel like i must try my best to “share the fun” while i can. It’s a long story revolving about “saving the lost children of planet Itnoc” (In The Name Of Children), so to speak, euh… Too bad an intro ain’t a proper place to develop on the fantasmagoric universe of Egzoset, my only hope is that i’ll be allowed to come to it eventually, though as a brief teaser i should probably mention it’s about what bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists failed to do for me in good time, decades ago, that i wish i were able to offer to my own young self should i be lucky enough to find a time machine…

In the meantime i’ll be searching around once in a while for a suitable spot where to post DiY stuff mostly illustrated in pictures. Thanks in advance passing by.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


Not sure I understood all that, but I’m watching!