Eggs? Ladybug sitting..pest?

Hey all…I was out checking the girls and found these eggs with a ladybug sitting in the middle…I wondered if anyone could identify source of eggs…please and thank you!

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Pictures or didn’t happen

Sorry forgot pic

Sorry just posted pic

What do u think ZEE

@Covertgrower @Cannabian @Myfriendis410

These gents know outdoor grows.

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Not sure, not lady bug eggs. I would spray with captain jacks dead bug, or equivalent spinosad in it.


These eggs look similar to something experienced before caterpillar/moth eggs and I believe your lady bird friend was having lunch when you come across her, like @Covertgrower said captain Jack’s dead bug spray or equivalent and you’ll be golden😊

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Thanks so much y’all :heartpulse:

Or just remove it and dispose if you’re unsure.
Lady bird eggs.

I just found the exact same thing. Just snipped it off and don’t see it anywhere else so I think I’m ok? I also have a lot of little flies (fungus gnats?) flying around. Did your plants do ok or did you ever see the eggs again?