Eggs anyone know what they are?


I was looking over my ladies today and found these eggs on a leaf. Anyone know what they are? I didn’t find any obvious signs of bugs.


No idea but keep inspecting for the momma and some food grade de in the soil ASAP! That looks scary


This may help you


@PurpNGold74, those are the exact same eggs I found on my one Lowryder girl, on a smaller scale.


Wtf… seriously… $hi+… :thinking:
Not good… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I’m not stressing. I’ll just make sure to keep an eye on this plant. It’s a White Widow auto. It has about a month of flowering left.


This may sound stupid but if it is literally one leaf, you could just cut it off and get rid of the eggs?? And obviously, keep looking for the culprit!!


That’s what I did. The only bugs that I see on a regular basis are inch worms. No damage on the plant at all. I think the inch worms are eating some of the bugs. I have a feeling that’s where the eggs came from.


I would clean everything in my grow with a bleach solution before you start the next crop to get rid of any stragglers.


I’m growing outdoor. Can’t bleach everything.:grin: If this was indoor I’d be all over that.


Most probably they are cutworm moth egg’s and they are in adult emerging\sponding\mating frenzy season



They are not friendly, get rid of it… Place an horticulture net at the evening\night, the moths will not be able to spond on your cannabis plants

In hope that’s will helping you out @shindig153

~Al :v::innocent:


Ô , and if they hatch and you have cutworm caterpillar, here’s something that you can use safely

~Al :v::innocent:


@Niala. Thanks for the info. It gives me a idea of what to look for. The chickens normally keep the bugs a bay. We will see.


@shindig153 Chickens- the pets that poop breakfast :joy::joy:
I love my chickens, eat the bugs and whatever perlite I spill when mixing my soil.


You’re welcome @shindig153… Moths and they caterpillar are nocturnal insects, that’s most probably why the chicken did not take care of them… :wink: