Eggs and Bananas and Coffee oh my


Stuff you might be throwing away in the trash can become free organic nutrients for your ladies!

Did I mention FREE?
Did I mention ORGANIC?

Hope this helps



@Skydiver great information I have been using banana peel tea for my whole grow. Crushed egg shells around my plant also keeps out snails and slugs.


I’ve often wondered about coffee.
Seems to be mixed opinions out there.


Thanks for the info @Drinkslinger
No wonder my worms aren’t getting bigger in my worm farm because I mix grounds in their feed.
Yep many varying thoughts…the article you referenced has some studies to corroborate.



I noticed some issues in soil I mixed coffee grounds into. I turned up lots of differing evidence.


Following thanks for posting


The only thing I put coffee grounds on is my blueberry plants.


@Skydiver very interesting read,

So I guess Coffee grounds are good for a compost pile that will be there a year or so, But not to put on or mix with your plants? Did I read that right? Can someone correct me if i am wrong. Thanks


I’m still not clear on that either @kw_Bat
I do know that like most things in moderation should not be harmful but there are many other things you can use besides coffee grounds…like regular coffee not necessarily the flavored foo foo coffees as don’t know what else is in those.
I’ll most likely just use them outside and in the feed mix for my worm farm.