Effects confusion


My first days is days from harvest. I’ve been soaking up all the info I can find. I’ve read the milky trichomes give a more energetic high (my preference) and more amber gives more couchlock. Sounds simple enough but… I also read sativa is more uplifting while indica is more relaxed. So if you’ve got indica and harvest while milky is it energizing or relaxed? Is sativa harvested amber uplifting or couch lock? Hope this question makes sense.


Haha yes it does. Great question. The sativa/indica thing is just how the plant grows. Yes the highs are primed for said reaction. But if u harvest a indica with all milky no amber. Ull get a nice combo. Quick head rush 30 min later nice body buzz. U get a sativa too far along and 50% amber you better be ready to sit down somewhere.

Think of super sweet cucumbers. If you harvest to soon genetics dont matter and your getting bitterness. Understand?


Yep, makes sense. I bought the seeds in Amsterdam and they were supposed to be lemon haze. When I got home and started growing them it became obvious they were a mystery indica assortment. They’re at 56 days and I’m seeing mostly milky with some clear and some amber on the sugar leaves. I don’t want that heavy couch thing so I think you’re saying to go ahead and start harvesting now. I have 5 plants and I’ll do a couple “stalks” a day to give variety to the high. Being a first-timer I don’t want to waste my weeks of growing by messing it up at the end, you know?


Trich checks are buds only. The leaves always amber alot sooner. Do u bave photos?



These were taken about 3 days ago


First pic is what u want. Always examine trichs on the buds


Ok, just tough to decide if they’re really milky or not. I keep second guessing myself thinking it’s just the light bouncing off them, etc. lol… I’m driving myself nuts


Lol yea. Its a touchy thing. Impatient vs that perfect timing. Ull have her chopped before u know it. Just woosaa


Well one thing for sure. I learned you never buy seeds from a shop that also sells I heart weed coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets!


:thinking::thinking::thinking: look at the icon at the top left. Pretty reputable. N i know they got mugs :joy::joy::joy:
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