Edibles with coconut oil

I’m looking for ways to mask the taste of the cannabis, something I could use instead of filling pill capsules with it. I’ve found that to be a great way to nail the high without the taste but does anyone know another method?


Search here on the site on blackthumbbetty. She isn’t around any more, but she was the edible queen. Repins is also a really good edible guy.

I’ve been making cookies and brownies for a few years and decided this year to tighten up my dosing and remove some of the cannabis taste (chlorophyll). The downside to cooking flower in oil means you do extract a significant amount of chlorophyll.

I bought a Source Turbo earlier this year and haven’t looked back. If you have access to 190 proof alcohol in your locale you can do your extractions with ethanol and evaporate it away to make oil. The Source only recovers the alcohol for reuse so is less expensive to run.

If you do an alcohol extraction, always use food grade ethanol. Never use isopropyl or denatured.

When I make budder for edibles now I simply heat up coconut oil in a crock pot, add a tablespoon of lecithin (helps the liver uptake THC) and mix in my oil then cool and weigh out/package. The Tollhouse cookies we make from that are as good as any gourmet cookie you’ve ever had: NO weed taste at all.

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