Edibles for dummies

Hi All,

My wife and I have had very poor results in making edibles from dried flower. The result is often no high from good quality flower. To date we have sacrificed many an ounce with no consistent result.

Can someone post an easy-to-follow recipe from flower to budder? My wife can’t have dairy so we used coconut oil in previous attempts.

Thank you


Weed needs to be decarbed for a high to occur. Weed straight from the plant will not produce a high. It needs to be exposed to raised temperatures such as smoking. Weed can be decarbed in the oven, which can solve your dilemma.

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I know this, hence why I asked for a recipe

Here’s some real good advice.

I use alcohol to extract all my medicine.

I love this machine. You have to do your due diligence at the front end of the process (QWET) to get a decent product but once you have, the Source recovers the alcohol for reuse and delivers a beautiful result.

I normally do a cold QWET (dry ice) then reserve leftover plant material to wash again for edibles. You can decarb either the flower you use or the oil afterwards, depending.

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