Edges curling, browning tips


A question from a fellow grower:

I have fem. Auto. Northern lights strain that I’ve soaked for 24 hours now they’ve been in the wet towel warm and covered for a couple days and the seeds have split to where I see the root but it hasn’t perturbed out or made progress in 3-4 days. I did check on them a couple time , once where I may have left it out of the dark for 15 mins maybe. Are the seeds that temperamental as this stage to where I may have ruined them by leaving them out?

Also I have my first plant growing in a 2x2x6 closet, small intake fan and a 170w LED full spectrum growlight. Using miracle grow soil and diddnt feed for 2 weeks, but I just started feeding it the fox farm trio as per the feeding schedual included with a one time feeding of a drop a cup of superthrive. My fan is low so blowing my leaves a bit much I think, but my problem is the upper leaves edges are curling downward and I have one or 2 leaves with slightly browning tips and edges, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? tell me if you need more info


It is early for strong nutrients. You have probably damaged the roots a bit. Superthrive at 1 drop per cup is way too strong. I use a 1/4 tsp. per gallon. 1 drop for a liter, or quart. That may be you issue. That and the fact that you are using Miracle Grow soil with included nutrients. No nutrients should be needed for the entire vge cycle if using a potting soil with nutrients included. Common mistake made by new growers is adding nutrients on top of nutrients. Burnt tips mean soil is too hot :slight_smile:


Does that rule apply outside pots as well?

I also use Miracle Grow in 3 gal pots. Would like to go to bigger pots, but that may lead to plants too big to camouflage from prying eyes.

Sorry. A little off topic. So…using that soil, do I still need to hold off until flowering to add more nutes? It says it feeds up to 3 months. I was planning to start feeding them next month. That’s still my veg time.

I already add superthrive. Should I wait longer for that too?

One day, I’m gonna get the extra funds and join the lab. I know the price is great for what you get, just too little money for anything extra right now.

Thank you.


I would hold off on adding nutrients. Take advantage of the fertilizer in the Miracle grow. Growing outdoors allows for much bigger plants and of course big pots. You are also correct in assuming that by keeping the plant in a smaller pot will stifle some growth if you are worrying about plant getting too big.

Since you are growing auto flowers; You probably do not have to worry about them getting too big. Autos are generally smaller and not as heavily bud laden as regular or feminized strains. Happy growing, :slight_smile: