Ed Rosenthal: Live! Tonight! Growing with fishes podcast. Don't miss this!


Love you guys and gals. Who would have thought that I would ever get to be live with one of the all time “Pot” Gurus.

Growing with fishes podcast, youtube, tonight 9:30 EST


Mr. Greengenes was a fun guest last week, information and laughs…it’ll be hard to beat him and now Ed Rosenthal…will we ever hear Jorge as a guest?


@latewood you were hilarious with the jingling of the jars and the shaking of the bags!


Jorge is a good friend of Jeff Lowenfels who was on the show about a month ago. Maybe. Never know.


I learn something new every show and hav a few laughs hahaha
Love the poscast @latewood


Yeah, but I have to apologize for the terrible audio last night. We also apologize for the abrupt ending. I think we will have Ed back on under proper circumstances in the future as Steve is hanging out with him in Cali. If I could get to Cali. I would also be hanging with these guys. I love it, too! Thanks :slight_smile:


@latewood @Countryboyjvd1971 would love to check out these podcast but where do I find them and are they archived?


you tube @Smokin_ernie growing with fishes podcast…


@Smokin_ernie you look up
Potent ponics on utube or growing with fishes
They have all the old shows listed and available
Im still trying to catch up with all if them beeb listening for almost a year now and dont firget to subscribe lol
Thanks @BIGE for guiding out friend


Yes thanks @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 I found it! There looks like a lot of episodes I can see why it has taking you so long.


Theres some great info on those shows to bro
Ive been thinking about doing a aqua ponics set up also just have to find the room to build a small set up to test it ? Maybe lol


if you got the room I say go for it. haha easy for me to say.haha That would be a pretty cool setup.


Lol im not sure i can get the wife on board
She already raising eyebrows at my soil grows lol but then again I’ve taken over the basement at this point hahaha
Maybe if i raise fish she likes to eat i can convince her lol ill


lol good idea with raising fish to eat. brilliant really well I guess if you like fish.


Lol you im not a huge fan @Smokin_ernie but wifey is so maybe lol