Ed Rosenthal books with free seeds

Greetings outdoor growers!
Just a heads up just in time for growing season is this Ed Rosenthal book collection plus 10 free “Gigi Gem” seeds in a beta test for $89.

Ed was one of the founders of High Times magazine, brought Durban Poison to the US and is still a professor in Oakland CA.
Hats off to a legend and mentor - and free seeds!

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@Cousin_Virgil Why thank you!! That is AWESOME!! Do you know anything about that strain?

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GROW420 will get you 10% off.


From the website:
These new seeds are “Gigi Gem.” They are derived from award-winning parentage: Gelato 25, GG4, Gorilla Breath, GSC and Sunset Sherbert, a variable hybrid of Indica and Sativa varieties. These seeds are a Beta test – great for pheno hunting. Expect some unique potent plants.

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