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I have a 2x4x6 grow tent. I plan on 4 to 6 white widow autos, what is a recommended amou nt of wattage for my full spectrum led, ive saved and ready to buy them. Would 2 lights be better than 1, is there such thing as to much led light for that space

2x 300w lights would be better than 1x 600w light

Horticulture lighting group 260 xl. I have 2 in a 4x4 and, in my opinion, best bang for the buck. Check out growerslights for info.

4 to 6 plants is too many for that space. With that light, 2 plants would be all I’d try to grow in that tent.


Thank you, ii had my eye on advance platinum p600, expensive but good reviews if true. I currently have two 180 true wat ,leds i bought used. My 6 ft tent im hoping ww autos will be good, i will be buying 2x4 x 6ft11 gorilla tent soon also. 2x4 is largest i can fit in my bike shed man cave which is 10x12.
My first grow was great till mid flower and i got a lesson in spidsr mites but did not have tent at the time

Thank you,i will look up that light. I have 1500 budget. I want the best light,lights i can get. I am so tired of buying over priced crap herb lol


That’s probably about 90% of everyone’s thought on this site haha yeah when you compare the price of buying top shelf bud( for instance in the state I live the top shelf dispensary bud is $50 for an eighth) to growing 2 to 4 plants on your own you’re going to have more smoke than you know what to do with hahaha and it’s super cheap. Yes it’s a lot of upfront cost to get started and to get your tent how you like it for your growing situation, but in the end it’s all worth it. Somebody figured out some of the pricing on here once and it comes down to pennies-on-the-dollar!
Anyway enjoy and have a great grow! :deciduous_tree::+1:


I have a 2x4x5. I am DIY building and installing 4-QB132V2 on a custom made frame. $137 for the boards, $80 for the driver (incl wire, connectors, and power cord), and $25 for framing materials from home depot (angle aluminum, bolts&washers). Just waiting on the driver to arrive.

The 2x4 canopy is .75 square meters. Assuming 61w per board and 2.5 umol/j, that is over 800 umol per second pewr sq m (4x61x2.5/0.75) spread nicely across the canopy for about than 250w.


I currently have 2 WW in a 32”x32”x60” tent. I could probably get one more plant in a 5 gal pot in there. I think 4 plants at this point would block lots of light for the mid and lower parts of the plant. Just my .02.

Thanks for taking time to give me som e education

Thank you for the input…

These qbs are interesting but im just not up to assembling them for health and eyesight reasons. Anyone have experience with advance platinum p600. It is 36 in long and 8 inches wide. I was thinking it would cover a 2x4 tent very well but not sure which is why im picking yalls brains.i appreciate the responses as they give me things to consider. Im collecting everything now so when i start im ready. My holdup is just waiting for it to warm up enough to insulate my area a bit… it tends to get too hot r cold at the extreme end of weather. My biggest prob last ti e was ac constantly running lol

You can get the qb boards in a kit. All you have to do is plug the positive and the negative into a snap connector, screw in 4 screws, plug the thing into your timer and hang it with the 4 clips it comes with.

I also went looking for different lights and spent a good chunk of money did a fair bit of research and regret not buying qb kits.
I have 2 cfl 200w 6400k with reflectors and 1 300w true COB 3000k, I’m looking at selling this stuff and buying one HLG setup that will do a better job seed to harvest.

There are people that have done massive amounts of tests and know way more about light then most of us, they recommend and use HLG kits.
Not sure what should go in a 4x2 (even though I have a 4x2x6.5) but your light claims 1535 PAR at 18" or 2180 at 12"


Thank you so much for your input. Im glad i joined this forum. My last grow was with cfl and smaller led, they loomed great in flower then bam,i had my education on spider mites. Bad eyes didnt help,friend spotted them. I just pulled and burned,:(. So i got a tent and ventilation just can decide on lighting, plan on a second tent soon.

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Your using some sort of intake filter and exhaust filter to avoid bug problems in the future?

I had gnats my first grow but got them fast, so now I always keep yellow stickies at the base of my plants and my intake filter is just a tube to keep the tent intake gap open but it has a floor vent filter over it taped in place followed by dollar store pantiehoes

QB kits r the best bang for your buck, but for a few more dollars GL will assemble them for u,

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Wow I didn’t even know.
This would be a great option for you @tomb highly recommended by the majority of the community you won’t be disappointed.
The experts here would steer you towards this option as well, worth the cost to do it right the first time.