Ec meters? do i really need this?


all of the ec meters i’ve seen are quite expensive. are these a necessity for my autos to flourish? would a good fluke multi meter work for this? if so how would i go about testing? i am new to the indoor grow,and would like to give my babies the best possible care for a successful first time experience.


You’ll need a Tds or ppm meter and a ph meter both you can pick up on amazon for around 20$ ea
And you should pick up something to read temp/humidity also available on amazon for about the same or less .
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ok, i have those covered. i believe i am just reading tooooooo much info… i have seen them mentioned here and there and thought maybe there was something i was missing. BTW 71’ was a great year!lol thanks countryboyjvd1971


I personally would say no especially with your basic soil grow, but they do come in handy. If you follow the instructions on your nutrients, with a basic understanding of how plants use their nutrients, along with reading how the plants & leaves respond, you can get away with not using any kind of TDS/EC meter.


thank you for the reassurance Dumme, i am really liking this fourm! you folks are grand!!!


No problem mate. Welcome to the best forum in the world, ILGM. Cheers.