EC Levels and thier relevence

Can someone tell me the optimum EC levels and what would be the process for adjustment ?

And are EC levels even relevant ?

Thanks in advance peeps.

Hmmmmm….I guess not. Disappointing response.

Hey welcome to Ilgm
EC has direct effects on your plants growth.
Too much nutrient and you’ll burn your plant and too little youll sta4ve her and stunt the plants. @Rickyj
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You can get a more indepth explanation in the guides section here


Thankyou @Nug-bug, appreciate your time.

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EC stands for “Electrical Conductivity” and is the means by which most digital meters test for solids in a solution. In the U.S. we use PPM, Canada has their own EC and the British another. There are some solids that do not register in water, sugar for example can be odd with an EC meter.

If you are growing in soil and planning on adding nutrients, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations until you gain some experience with that line. Soil doesn’t need much if any intervention during veg; assuming correctly sized pot for the plant. I don’t add any nutes (normally) in soil until transition to flower.

@Nug-bug got you squared away: he knows his stuff.


Thankyou both @Myfriendis410 and @Nug-bug. You have both pointed me in the right direction and assisted me in learning an essential, and often ignored process pertinent to successful cultivation. I am on my first grow, and am very happy with my progress thus far, but of course there is always room for improvement and learning.

This community seems to me to be the right place to avail myself of those lessons, and I look forward to interacting with the members here on a regular basis.

Live long and Propagate !


So, after doing the required research as suggested by @Myfriendis410 and @Nug-bug and performing the tests needed I found the following;

EC level @ 2.8 and Ph @ 6.6 ! Not optimum.

So, after much consternation and minimal fuss, I have managed to bring these numbers under better control. Levels are now EC 1.7 and PH5.9.

Many thanks folks.!

These are my girls aged 6 weeks and 4 days.12122


Hey @Rickyj welcome to the forum! If your growing in soil your ph is to low. For soil less or hydro your good. Soil ph should be 6.2 to 6.8 the EC number is good. Some nutes actually recommend a EC of 2
You’ll get the hang of it… your in a good place with some good folks… they’re stoners but ok just the same … lol


Welcome @Rickyj
Sorry for the late response but we are all busy people
I am glad you got the information that you needed
You are definitely in the right place
Your grow is coming along nicely
Keep up the good work brother!!


@Sasquatch. The medium is perlite/vermiculite, but I will be swapping to the baked clay for the next grow. I know I am a long way from perfecting this hobby, but I am confident that I will eventually master it with the help of this awesome community. Looking forward……never backward. Cheers mate.

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Cheers @Growit, nice to know there is ample support here amongst friends.


Oh, and this is Heidi, my yard security !


@Nug-bug, gday to ya. And to you too @Rickyj. I’m an Aussie who is travelling the same path. EC/ PPM readings have escaped me so far. Could you send mec the same info on this matter please. Bout a week from my first attempt at these guys. Have a single blackberry to start with. Just waiting for my oh meter to turn up in the mail. Cheers.

@Bubbles1 good morning
Well it is here. 5:38am
Getting ready for work at the moment but if you click on the ilgm top center page it will bring up guides, and other options
Click guide and there is a lot of info there for ya.
Also you can download the grow bible witch has more info.
Welcome to Ilgm and hope to see you around mate

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cheers m8. have had a reasonable scan thru the guides and forums etc and I’m still spinnen from the amount of info at hand on this site. IM IN HEAVEN…LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE.


Welcome to the community @Bubbles1. Yes, it is hard to get your head around all the marvellous information and support you will find here, but it does get easier to navigate after a while. I am stoked with the community here and am excited at the prospect of gleaning some of the info held by the brains trust here to hone my Cultivation skill set and enjoy the rewards of success. Come on Aussie, c’mon. :slight_smile:


@Bubbles1 @Nug-bug @Growit @Sasquatch @Myfriendis410 Just a few updated pics of my grow. These are supposed to be “Kraken” strain, however I cannot confirm that for certain. These are 22 days into flower. Simple trickle feed system. 600w MH in 120cm x 120cm x 20cm tent.
No fimming or tipping. Trained with plastic coated wire, although I could have probably done a better job. Happy with these so far, and looking forward to the next grow with I <3 GM Super Skunk Order #299297






Please feel free to leave feedback.


Looking good @Rickyj
Keep it up
Release the kraken!!

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They are looking good , few weeks into flowering! That’s always fun :wink:
Keep doing what ya are and it’s gonna be no time be4 harvest

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@Rickyj Me and a few of my friends are going to come help with your harvest. Don’t worry, you wont even notice us! lol

Nice Grow!!!