Ebb and flow Room and water tempertaure

A question that has been bouncing around in my mind, for instance if i do control the reservoir temperature in an Ebb and flow system, once the nutrient water flows through the system, what’s keeping the plant’s roots from going back to room temperature?

i.e. If im working in an ambient room temperature of 30 Degrees C, and the reservoir temp is 18 Degrees C, once the water flows through the system, what’s keeping the plant roots from going to 30 Degrees C, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of temperature control in the reservoir?

No. The idea of maintaining temperature is for your solution not the roots. The solution will hold less dissolved oxygen as it warms and be more susceptible to bacteria growth.


Thanks, btw do you think aeroponics is better than ebb and flow? System wise both seem easy to set-up.

I don’t really have any opinion on that. Seems like ebb & flow is easier for most to dial in.

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