Ebb and Flow need Expert advice

@N00b Amazon has just about every General Hydroponics product there is. Might give that a try if it’s an option to you. With hydroponics root health is critical just as @Retiredoldguy says.

@N00b @Retiredoldguy mixing order of the nutrients is important too. GH doesn’t list their nutrients in the mixing order. Mixing order should be Armor Si, Cali Magic always first. The Armor Si should be circulated for a little time before adding the CaliMagic so it can bind to the water. I use FloraNova so that goes next then your sweeteners like Floralicious, Kool Bloom. Trust me it works.

@Flyinbrian78 I knew about mixing order but you mention calmag as one to mix upfront…I have never read to do this or have anyone mention this before…may I ask where you got that info from? I have read on the general hydro site and bottles to mix the Armor SI then FloraMicro then the rest in any order…just those 2 were ever mentioned. I haven’t seen any issues with mixing in the order of my chart above but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve.

damn I just read the calmag bottle and it reads to add it first before nutrients…thanks @Flyinbrian78 for making me revisit this and make the change…

@Retiredoldguy I read so much information on this site about it but never read a “for sure” answer. I finally contacted GH via email and they responded a few days later with the mixing order. My recipe in the GH recommended mixing order is listed below
Armor Si (circulate 10 minutes in reservoir with full water quantity)
Floranova bloom
Floralicious bloom
Liquid Koolbloom
UC Roots
Ph down

I fill my reservior with 16 gallons of water and mix all my nutes into one by one. I don’t add any nutrients through the week just water, based on my PPM readings. I am in the last 2-3 weeks before harvest including a week of flushing so I am running a PPM MID 600-700. I will not add Armor Si to my mix moving forward until harvest. I change my reservoir water/nutes every week.

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Im using this formula. Incidentally most of this stuff is readily available, so goodluck to me.