Ebb and flow flower flood schedule

I’ve been flooding every 1 hr :15 min for 15min of pump on time. Takes about 7min to fill and 10min to drain. So it’s getting 25min if water. Is this a good schedule to keep or can I do more water time?
I’ve been experimenting with using 93%-97% pure oxygen to saturate reservoir with high levels of dissolved o2, or that’s the thought behind it. Roots can be under water longer… I can tell it definitely raises the dissolved o2 levels but that’s a whole different topic…

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With an ebb and flow system you don’t have to oxygenate the water. During their dry period they take in oxygen from the air.
Every set up is different, if you don’t see any ill effects and everything is growing well, then you could leave it. Pictures help. @juco


Yeah, I’ve been experimenting with more water time… uptake more at lower ppm so no burn… it definitely makes a difference… yield… don’t know yet