Ebb and flow couple questions

Hello folks good day to all of you.A few questions please.Yhe top tray is 2x4 how many plants can that size do? once seeds have started how often should it get filled with water? to top of cube rock wool or below? has anyone ever used a fish tank heater to keep water temp up? Thank yall very much.very new to this


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I probably won’t be very informative on ebb and flow questions.

No but I’ve used an aquarium chiller to keep it down… water temp should be between 62 and 70 in my opinion

Those chillers devour electricity.

20-32 clone’lings in 6" cubes.!
SoG style grow is best for an ebb and flow system, lots of small plants.!
seedlings do great also, but full size large plants r tricky to maintain.
large plants try to stretch their roots out into the tray, if they dry they die and cause an excess of debris in the return solution and causes your filter to stop up prematurely, pH swings, and EC can change causing nutrient lock out.

if growing from seed is your only option, maybe start them in the Ebb and Flow then transfer them to a DWC or drip system.!