Ebb and Flow, coco perlite questions

I recently got a grow ace 4x4 led, ebb and flow system. I got week old seedlings in rockwool in a germination box. My problem is, the info on setting up flood times, etc. is pretty vague. On the video they put fabric pots in the buckets, but sent me none and said I dont need them. Will this be ok, or will that clog pumps without them? Any info specific to this system, someone using the same setup.

If your gonna be running an ebb and flow setup then I would think you’d be better off running with hydrotron or the big rockwool cubes. Coco with ebb and flow doesnt sound very good in my opinion unless it was more perlite then coco. Check out hydrotron


I take my seedlings, (in rockwool), and move them to 4" square pots, supporting the rockwool in hydroton. Seems to work ok.